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I responded to this picspam with:

Luke and Leia are visually paired in a lot of interesting ways, especially considered it wasn't conceived as a twin thing until ROTJ. I think Luke-Leia was always built on likeness.

Han and Leia definitely have commonalities, but ultimately it's a relationship about struggling to cross boundaries, and it's framed that way visually. Luke and Leia are framed as a natural pair. Neither ever stop to think of the oddity of princess-farmboy; they just fit. It works, and nobody needs to think about why.

I'm putting it strongly, but—that's part of the reason that the treatment of them as opposite counterparts is so ??????? They're framed together in opposition to Han, visually and dynamically, so often. They're given incredibly similar lines, sometimes simultaneously. I think it's also why ... people joke about the twin twist, but ultimately it works. You can look at these two tiny, unflinching idealists shouldering terrible trauma, and saying, tomorrow I'll grieve but today we carry on, and believe they've got the same blood in their veins.

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When I received this (17 February 2016), I had just reblogged a Leia post and grumped in the tags about what I considered JJ Abrams' "cop-out" in respect to Leia's potential as a Jedi. (When asked about it, he didn't defend his marginalization of her abilities, but pinned the choice on Leia herself.)

An anon asked:

You know, I always wanted Leia to become a Jedi ever since I watched the original trilogy. I don't see it as a cop out that she isn't one, however. Mainly because I can see her not wanting anything to do with her father to contrast the 'I am a Jedi like my father before me.' And once her son started to fall down a similar path, I'd guess she actively wanted nothing to do with that. If it was a choice she made to contrast all of that, I think that makes sense too. So I'm OK either way

My response:

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aka, I’ve talked about this a million times, but I wanted to stick all my thoughts in one place. Also, specifically kicked off by @steinbecks’ fascinating take on him here.

Warning: I am aggressively indifferent to non-film material apart from novelizations and scripts. EU material, past and present, does not enter into my interpretations.

Okay. I think that how we understand Anakin’s identity as Darth Vader is … often flawed. Vader’s sense of his identity seems to get subsumed into Yoda’s, Obi-Wan’s, and Palpatine’s sense of his identity. But the whole idea of Anakin-in-the-past and Darth-Vader-in-the-present as ontologically separate is not an idea that Anakin himself ever subscribes to.

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caerrigor at Tumblr asked:

Have you ever seen people explain why they think Kylo Ren is a whiny entitled MRA dudebro? Because I feel like I've only seen them take it as read and go from there.

The closest things I’ve seen to reasons are

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An anon asked:

I love that we see into the mind of a former stormtrooper thru Finn's perspective. Yet I can't help but wonder why he shows no concern stabbing his fellow stormtroopers, probbaly to death, when he objected to killing before. I get the situations are different (helpless civilians who didn't deserve it). But Finn doesn't seem to mind potentially killing those who've been brainwashed and kidnapped just like he was. I would think he'd hesitate before killing anyone, let alone people similar to him

My response:

I loved that too!

I’ve seen a lot of people raise that concern, but honestly, I’m a bit “???” about the whole thing. Finn may or may not empathize with other stormtroopers in general, but he takes a firm zero tolerance policy towards people trying to kill him. That’s perfectly reasonable and justified.

For me, the situations really are different–so different as to be completely incomparable, in fact. Finn doesn’t object to killing; he objects to unprovoked slaughter. There’s no reason for that horror to carry over to fighting in the defence of his life and the lives of his loved ones. It could, for someone who came out the other side a pacifist, but it’s never remotely suggested that that’s Finn. He doesn’t shrink from violence; he just refuses to be a tool of mass murder.

Really, if he stopped to think of all the philosophical ramifications he would be dead.
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An anon at Tumblr asked:

Star wars questions: I've only seen the original trilogy and force awakens so far. And I was wondering - is it ever considered morally right for a Jedi to kill? I would think not, that murder is something only people on the dark side would use. Yet Obi Wan and Yoda seemed to imply that want Luke to kill his father for the greater good etc And I've always been surprised by this. Why do Jedi seem to approve of murder yet not associate it with dark or evil? Unless Jedi don't frown on murder?

My response:

Killing and murder are not the same thing, though I think the Jedi walk a pretty damn narrow line there.

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At Tumblr, I received a submission from someone called Fladow, in response to this post:

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At Tumblr, I responded to a conversation about how TFA creates a completely different experience if you know the wider context from the novelization/script/interviews.

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I've been enjoying seeing the stuff out of Celebration on my dash (except the quasi-canonization of Thrawn, BOO HISS—but as long as they keep him out of the films, I'm good). Jyn Erso's grim-determined-insouciant smile is like ... my entire sexuality in a second, haha.

I'm also glad about the Ahsoka stuff for TCW/Rebels people! And Mark Hamill has been endlessly charming.

It's bittersweet for me, personally, because my sister is a massive Star Wars fan. It's the first remotely complex story I was able to introduce to her—she has some pretty severe developmental and mental disabilities, and we were told she'd never be able to read or follow the plot of a movie or anything. And she glommed onto it like nothing else, and asked about the Han and Jabba scene in ANH (all I have is the Special Edition)—she thought something about it didn't fit. She loves the prequels; Anakin/Vader is her favourite, though she also loves Padmé, Luke, and Leia. And she adored TFA, and came out of the theatre struggling between loving Kylo and loving Rey. 

(She's in good company, obviously, though I kept her the hell away from the fandom for obvious reasons.)

Anyway, SW has been a bonding thing between the two of us, and I'm the one who tells her the info that gets dropped and shows her the trailers and whatnot. So seeing it all without her around is like ... still very cool, but bittersweet, particularly as she's told us she's unhappy and doesn't like eating junk food all the time (she's pre-diabetic), so we're all worried anyway.

I'm trying to keep the gloominess off Tumblr, though it's probably pretty clear that I'm on edge. So I'm trying to cheer myself up with P&P—I posted some P&P fic at AO3 that I'd never got around to crossposting, including a WIP (shhhh), and I'll probably see if I can scramble the Fíriel scraps into something. It's probably the most happy lalalala of my genderswaps; the Lucy stuff is very linear, Philadelphia demands a certain ... rigour, but the Fíriel stuff is just a scrap with Éowyn here, a ramble there, an aesthetic fancast, occasional present, whatever (someone even asked for Fíriel/Arwen once and it's still rattling around my gdrive!). So that's sort of my happy place and I might do that. We'll see!

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Three and a half years later, this is happening! *waves flag*

title: The Jedi and the Sith Lord (1/?)
verse: Lucy Skywalker: my f!Luke AU, following from The Adventures of Lucy Skywalker and The Imperial Menace.
summary: Lucy emerges from carbon-freeze as the captive of Darth Vader.

For those who don't want to go through 50k of largely retelling canon, there's a detailed summary here and a comparatively short summary under the cut. But it's close enough to canon up to this point that you can probably go straight into the fic.

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Hits meme!

May. 3rd, 2016 09:48 pm
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I stole it from [personal profile] tree , because I want to feel accomplished despite having not written anything. (And also, I'm procrastinating on reading the second half of Mill on the Floss, which scarred me in my sensitive adolescence.)

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I grumped under f-lock awhile back about a really bizarre anon on Tumblr who interrogated me about why I think intent and mental capacity affect moral culpability. Some three or four asks later, I lost patience with them, but my original response is maybe relevant to people's interests here.

(The immediate context was Kylo Ren wank, but I largely bypassed that for LET'S TALK ABOUT ETHICS.)


Do you mind explaining what you mean about diminished capacity? I have a hard time getting where it matters. Even if the intent is not the same the end result doesn't change. In order to not excuse it, they both need to be treated the same.. I don't get how diminished capacity would make Kylo Ren somehow less immoral than Hux. He still did those things. Some things cannot be made up for.


The concept that intent does not alter the morality of crime is … completely contrary to how criminal law works. And most systems of ethics.

I’m a lot more interested in ethics than further villain wank, which I feel I have very thoroughly addressed, so I’m talking about the role of intent and capacity in morality here.

TW for murder, torture, rape, suicide, and disassociative depression/mania

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An anon at Tumblr asked me why so many people feel that Kylo Ren absolutely cannot be redeemed. There's been a lot of wank and a lot of nonsense about it, of course, but I tried for a good faith response.

There are … various reasons, and I’ve gotten into a lot of the nonsensical ones before. However, I do think there is one perfectly legitimate one.

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Mar. 30th, 2016 06:11 pm
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I don't know if I'm more appalled that the Reylo drama has reached the point of being covered by the Atlantic, or relieved that they did such a nice job. 
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landofalwayswinter on Tumblr asked:

Did Padme's family know she had kids? I know she looked pregnant in the funeral scene but her and Anakin were Secret Married so idk. Would Padme's family accept that Luke and Leia are her kids? You have the best Star Wars meta btw :3

My response:

Thanks :)

They met Anakin and clearly realized that he and Padmé were in the process of getting romantically involved, even if they didn’t know about the secret marriage. The mere fact of being Skywalkers born on the day of Padmé’s death is suggestive enough. Once the death of the Emperor destroys the need for secrecy, I imagine those basic Wikipedia profile facts would become pretty widely known to anyone. The Naberries might very well guess at the truth before Luke and Leia themselves.

Even if not, the GFFA canonically has blood testing technology. They use it to test Anakin’s midichlorians in TPM. It’s not much of a stretch to think they could do basic genetic testing.

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An anon on Tumblr asked:

What are your thoughts on the situation where shippers are accused of being racist for not shipping Rey and Finn? Personally I'd ship Finn with both Poe and Rey and I'd be happy if either was canon. But how can it be racist to ship a mixed race same same couple? That doesn't even make any sense. Either couple would be groundbreaking and both are clearly healthy ships between friends. What's to hate about either of them? Is this just another symptom of a crazy ship war? Or something more?

My response:

Just another symptom, though of something bigger than any one fandom.

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An anon on Tumblr asked:

I told my friend my head canon about Rey possibly not being her actual name, and that her mind may have been wiped to a degree, which is why she may have forgotten. My friend immediately said Jedi (and the like) have never been able to mind wipe in the movies, so my theory isn't plausible without changing canon to suit this theory. So, is this true? Have force users ever been able to mind wipe etc or is this a power never established within the films? I can't remember but I'd bet you'd know :)

My response:

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Awhile back, I was struggling with a quandary that only emerged as I tried to write my doomed-to-Jossing fic, but which had definitely been floating around the back of my mind for awhile. I wrote a post about it, but the short version:

1. Luke being absent is a huge deal, particularly for Leia. All indication is that he was very, very present in the family, and his disappearance was one of the ways the family fell apart in the wake of Ben's fall.
2. Sending Ben away--to Luke--was, also, a huge deal that estranged him from his parents.

If Luke being absent is so drastic a shift for the family, it seems strange that turning Ben over to Luke would also be a drastic shift.

Buuuut, now that I've finally got my greedy hands on the script, I think it actually does make sense, and fits well with what I was vaguely envisioning.

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