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In which unpleasant truths come to light. A.k.a., the chapter where Ransolm Casterfo Ruins Everything.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: Warning for slut-shaming language and mentions of (not carried out) child murder. I don't endorse either of them. The character saying them is a horrible human being. Enough said.

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For genprompt_bingo.

Jun. 21st, 2017 07:28 pm
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Title: To Save Him

Summary: In which a terrible truth comes to light, and Poe has to make a crucial choice.

Prompt: Betrayal

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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In which Ben confronts his father.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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These last days I had been tied on bed with fever, thankfully now I'm gettin better, but during my feverish thoughts, out of sudden I started to think about Shusei Kagari, and my heart broke to pieces.

If you think about it, Kagari was the unluckiest one of the Division 1. Think about it: he was confined to a rehabilitiation facility since he was five years old, being separated from his family at such young age and spend the rest of his life completely locked away from the outside world, his only friend being a boy who attempted to escape and later got killed for it. No doubt all those things made him resent the Sibyl System: they basically stole his freedom and his friend; on the other hand, his isolation of the world may had been a factor of why he developed this childlike personality that made him so adorable, and yes, innocent in a way, but not naive.

And then Kagari is released to become an Enforcer. Imagine how must had been for a kid like him with no experience in the outside world to execute someone for the first time with the Dominator, uff, I bet it may had took Kagari a while to completely adapt to his new job as an Enforcer...but then, Kagari realized that, for the first time, he wasn't alone anymore. The Division 1 became his new family: Masaoka as his new surrogate dad, Shion as the cool mom/older sister figure, Yayoi and Kougami as his older siblings who keep him in line and teach him new cool things, Ginoza who despite his actitude acts like a protective mom, and now, Akane, who's his new friend whom he can drink with and have fun. There you can see a reason that may had prevented Kagari of turning completely bitter and apathethic towards his job because it's connection to the Sibyl System: his love for his new family that became the Division 1.

But then, Kagari gets executed by the System itself, and worse of it: given his sarcastic smile and last words, it's very likely that discovering the truth of the Sibyl System left Kagari completely shocked and also....angry, in a way. So at the end, this was the System that had depraved him and so many others of normal life for what they decided it was a "latent criminal"? A bunch of brains? So a collective of people was controlling other people's lives? They were the reason why he had to live like he did, weren't they? And not only that, the System is now pointing at him with a Dominator, ready to end his life. At the end, the System controlled completely Kagari's life, and even decided his own death. Despite he didn't did anything wrong, save being diagnosed as a "latent criminal".

And that's what breaks me about Kagari: he was the one who lost everything to the System. He lost his freedom, his normal life, and then when finally it seemed he now had a new family and a job, he got that stolen by the System because he "saw too much". And to make things worse: Kagari, who was always loyal to his friends, got registered by the System as a criminal who escaped - the complete opposite he did. He will be officially remembered as a "traitor" when he never betrayed his team. And that's fucking sad.

And that's why I think Kagari was the member of the Division 1 who had the most tragic fate. I mean, all of them suffered, but at the end, they all kept going - happy or not - with their lives in a way or another, and Masaoka, who died as Kagari, at least died knowing he saved his son's life, so his death wasn't in vain. But Kagari didn't had that: at the end, the System overrode any kind of evidence about his last actions and moments, and officially portrayed him as a betrayer who ran away to hide the fact they killed him. Only Akane knows the truth, but the rest no, even if some of them may have their suspicions.

Agh, no.

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 In which Han confronts Yana/Snoke. It doesn't go well. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing. 

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In which Ben has a bit of an argument with his father.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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Fic: A Purpose-Driven Life

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:55 pm
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Authors for [ profile] SSR_Confidential_2017 have been revealed! I wrote A Purpose-Driven Life for [personal profile] sapphire2309. And, uh, in a STUNNING lack of connecting-the-dots, I didn't check before asking the only other person volunteering as a beta to beta for me. And did not notice that I HAD GOTTEN MY RECIPIENT TO BETA FOR ME until I was uploading my fic.


Also, I am hovering really close to burnout, and so I don't think I should do any more ficathons for a while, much as I love them.  The last two, I wasn't able to actually get myself to write until the deadline was bearing down on me, and then I was in pure panic-mode and not really able to make good writing and editing decisions.  (Thank you to those who have held my hands through this.)  I don't need the extra stress.

Anyway! I like this fic, here it is.

Title: A Purpose-Driven Life
Author: beatrice_otter
Fandom: Agent Carter
Rating: PG
Characters: Dottie Underwood, Agnes Cully | Whitney Frost
Word Count: 6,194
Betaed by: [personal profile] sapphire2309 
Written for: [personal profile] sapphire2309 
Summary: Dottie escapes the Red Room as a child. Everything goes differently from there.

AN: ::hangs head in shame:: Why yes, yes I DID accidentally ask my recipient to beta for me without even realizing it until I went to post. I AM SO SORRY, SAPPHIRE2309! I swear I will never ask for a beta without double-checking who the recipient is!

AN2: Yes, I know, I have fiddled with the timeline. According to the show, Dottie Underwood was a pre-teen in 1937, while Whitney Frost was already an adult living in California and starting to work as a model/actress by 1934. I have made Dottie older and Whitney younger, to match.

AN3: I was not able to figure out the cost of a mob hit in the 1930s. However, I was able to find the cost of hiring a hitman in 2013 (, and use a historical inflation calculator to figure out what that would have been in 1935 money.

AN4: in your letter, you said you love stone-cold-terrifying villain!Whitney, but you also ask for what would have happened if she'd gotten what she wanted (science) in the first place. And I think in that case, she wouldn't have needed to become stone-cold-terrifying villain.

At AO3 tumblr

Vsevolod's hands scrabbled for purchase on the side of the building, and, desperate, he hissed at her to help. )

UK Politics: Brexit and Grenfell

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:13 pm
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From [personal profile] rydra_wong:

Brexit negotions start tomorrow even though we don't actually have a government, and those theoretically in charge are still pushing for leaving the customs union, ending freedom of movement, etc..

The Guardian: Big business leaders press Theresa May to rethink hard Brexit

David Davis, the Brexit secretary, says on Sunday that he would head into Monday’s Brexit talks aiming to “secure a deal that works for all parts of the United Kingdom”, but signalled that the plan was still to leave the customs union and reduce immigration.

So, still "contact your MP" time.

Grenfell: is still doubling all donations until match funds run out (and have also started releasing funds in emergency cash via the groups that have established themselves on the frontline, i.e. not via RBKC who are apparently continuing to fail to provide co-ordination, organization, or much of anything)

The Home Office are helping Mohammad Alhajali's family get to the UK, so no more need to sign that petition. looks very useful.

North Kensington Law Centre are providing legal education and support to residents affected by the fire: their donations page -- this would be a good thing to donate to as there may be issues with the general funds being used for legal support.

RBKC have £270 million in reserves. As far as I can see, that means they could afford to buy nice property in North Kensington at market prices to rehouse the survivors.

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In which Yana continues to manipulate Ben.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Notes: I want to apologize for how Yana/Snoke portrays Leia here. Let's say it's part of more of an attempt to manipulate Ben. That's basically why I included it. 

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"Dumbledore is ace/aro. Discuss."

Yeah, this is all Jessee's fault. The conversation turned to Dumbledore as a source of gay/queer representation on Crone Island last week, and they pinged me when they moved the conversation to a new channel with that particular summary. They were pretty accurate when they said I would have some thoughts on the topic.

Here's most of what I had to say. I started with discussing Dumbledore as gay representation, transitioned into discussing representation of marginalized groups in fiction more generally, and wound up talking generally about ace character portrayal in mainstream fiction. )

so I was chatting on Crone Island...

Jun. 17th, 2017 05:01 pm
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...and I might have text walled a bit in response to someone's question, and that's got me thinking a little bit. I've been trying to write more under my Medium and my twitter accounts, partly because I'm trying to expand my skill set and partly because I would like to actually eventually get paid for some of the work I do and the things I'm good at, and hell, if I'm writing for free anyway, might as well attach it to a name I get paid under so I can actually put it on my CV without flinching or tensing up at the thought of all my identities laid bare at any cursory google search.

Look. My legal name is pretty uncommon; I have to consider that sort of thing if I want to ever get hired again. But at the same time, I'm sick of closets and I've already posted one longform commentary on autism and word use under that byline, so we'll see where my writing winds up.

more on identities under the cut )

general updates on what's been up with me )

Doctor Who 10.10 - "Eaters of Light"

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:05 am
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I watched last week's episode at Continuum, while hiding from people in the committee room, and made a terrible discovery: iView streaming quality is much, much better over 4G on an iPad than over the NBN on a new desktop.


That was pretty much the highlight of Gatiss's episode, so let's move on to the triumphant return of Rona Munro.

You never hear the spoilers. )


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