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Thanks to a depressing conversation on Tumblr, I wanted a fic about them interacting. So I wrote one.

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Someday, I will once again have it in me to write longfic without deadlines and art at the end, but today is not that day.

title: The Natural Daughter of Somebody
verse: Comforts and Consequences, I guess (canon compliant, ish)

notes: This, like the fic-about-Darcy-being-really-attractive, has a fairly cracky premise inspired largely by fandom, though any more details would be spoilery. Also, the protagonist here is a canon character.

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Oct. 2nd, 2012 06:37 pm
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I've looked through, and can't see that I ever posted this here, even though it's probably my favourite of my Austen fics. Though I imagine that says more about my tastes than anything else!

title: The Letters of Elizabeth Darcy (1796-1798)
verse: Comforts and Consequences (canon compliant epistolary sequel!)

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Sep. 27th, 2012 04:20 pm
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I was looking for my most recent stories (since I'd invented an entirely different, even-more-elaborate verse before I ran away), and realized that one was under f-lock and the other had never been posted here at all. So, here's the first:

title: Ten Facts About Elizabeth Bennet
verse: Comforts and Consequences (i.e., canon-compliant, but also an internally consistent verse, hopefully)

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I don't remember if I ever posted these - I think I intended them as the beginning of a longer fic (lol), but it turns out to be one of my favourite things.

title: remains of attachment
verse: canon-compliant (the longer fic segued into a more elaborate P&P verse, but was also canon-compliant)

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anghraine: regency man holding a book; text: love, pride & delicacy (darcy)
A very short, vaguely cracky response to the fandom's fixation on Darcy's attractiveness. Not pointing fingers in this case (I am equally guilty! and it's not like there isn't some glorious female gazing going on in canon), but for some reason I felt it needed even more fic.

title: untitled (aka the fic all about Darcy being gorgeous)
verse: canon-compliant

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Here there be spoilers!

title: epiphany

characters: Noatak, Tarrlok

rating: G?

stuff that happens: Tarrlok, alone in his cell, recognizes Amon’s bloodbending.


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Jun. 15th, 2012 09:31 pm
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I've never felt the slightest desire to write this character - certainly not his point of view - but ... somehow I wrote this anyway. Okay!

title: up the waterspout
verse: canon

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In my nonexistent spare time, I sat down to write my own version of the Leia's Choice Of Name fic - there are a lot of them, and they all seem to come to the same (perfectly reasonable) conclusion, so I thought I'd do one that ended up at a slightly different place (which I also think is reasonable!), which should be a short one-shot. However, my attention pretty much immediately drifted beyond that, as it does, and what I ended up writing was neither short, specifically to do with Leia's name, or a one-shot. But it is about Han-Leia-Luke, Luke-Leia-Anakin, Luke and Anakin, Luke and Leia being similar (and a little uncanny), agency, choices made before and after ROTJ, Force-ghosts, multiple perspectives, ROTJ!Leia =/= ESB!Leia, my dislike of Tatooine Ghost, and various other things I find personally satisfying to write about.

More concisely: SW (mostly) post-ROTJ headcanon idfic!

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May. 11th, 2012 06:30 pm
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I finally finished the last of my backlog of (mostly) drabble prompts - one set took six weeks because I fail. On the upside, I've stayed caught up with my classes.

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So, partly inspired by this conversation on tumblr and partly by being tired of Piers Plowman, a very short Naberrie fic. (I think this may be the only thing I've ever written that didn't star any of the Skywalkers. But it's all about them, so it's okay.)

title: all these todays alone
verse: canon-compliant/QOM

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I'm ~buzzed on friendship~ or something. Anyway, I've mostly written AUs lately, but I was talking to [personal profile] wyncatastrophe about headcanon and produced some self-indulgent headcanon-y end-of-ROTJ gen:

title: the first day
verse: canon-compliant/Quality of Mercy

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Mar. 24th, 2012 06:19 pm
anghraine: the infant leia in her blankets; text: hope (leia [hope])

I've been going through my Youtube history, since I never got around to 'liking' things I ... well, like, and apparently there is some critical vid-watching-point where I sulk over my own non vid making capacity, then go back to writing. Apparently there is also something in my brain that only ever gives me the urge to write things I have no particular need to write.

So: fic that is more or less an updated version of something I've already written, because I wanted to.

title: proper names
verse: canon-compliant

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This one was for ladyhadhafang, and a quasi-sequel to The Quality of Mercy.

title: all we like sheep have gone astray
verse: Grandmaster!Leia (QOM); prompt: the confusion of mind you dub honor

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anghraine: from the 2005 p&p: darcy standing at a piano while georgiana plays it (catherine darcy)
I clearly do not have an essay on Eliza Haywood to write. La!


Title: First Impressions (10/13, 11/13)

Fanverse: First Impressions

Blurb: awkward meeting is awkward, the Gardiner-Darcy mutual admiration society is formed, and apparently I am super ambiguous about Henry's opinion of Catherine.


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Title: Through A Glass, Darkly

Fanverse: The Quality of Mercy; Through A Glass, Darkly; Revenge of the Jedi, sort of

Blurb: Leia gets her chance to deal with her heritage. In baby-steps.

Pairings/warnings: No pairings; original character; so AU of my AU (Revenge of the Jedi) that it's canon-compliant; a challenge to myself to get two characters who, properly, could never, ever meet into the same scene.

Length: one-shot/double-drabble, kinda (272 words)


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anghraine: from the 2005 p&p: darcy standing at a piano while georgiana plays it (destiny)
Or something.


Title: Reasonable Sacrifice

Fanverse: The Quality of Mercy

Blurb: Anakin, afterwards.

Pairings/warnings: No pairings; character death, after a manner of speaking; possibly unwise stylistic choices; inspired by some meta by [personal profile] fialleril, some by [personal profile] irnan, my own cracky headcanon and my personal take on the Great Spectral Debate (which normally I sum up as "meh," but here it's in something approximating narrative form)

Length: one-shot, maybe, but probably not


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anghraine: from the 2005 p&p: darcy standing at a piano while georgiana plays it (twins [laughing and half-divine])
So I finished the final chapters of my two au_bigbang fics (I must say, the end of The Adventures of Lucy Skywalker makes me so happy) and decided to celebrate by ... writing more. But for something other than au_bigbang or school. Sooo, inspired by several recent conversations with [ profile] ladyhadhafang, I wrote a story that's one part love letter to Luke Skywalker, one part hate mail to the EU, and one part frolicking in my post-ROTJ (primary)canon-compliant EU-ignoring personal universe (following from Daughter of Time). Ta da!


Title: The Quality of Mercy

Fanverse: the general EU-ignoring, canon-compliant headcanony personal 'verse. I guess I could call it the quality of mercy too.

Blurb: Compassion is central to a Jedi's life.

Pairings/warnings: Han/Leia, Han-Luke-Leia platonic life partnership nakama thing, OCs, offscreen moral ambiguity. Also, I really don't like the EU.

Length: one-shot (2226 words)


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Cue appropriate gasps and shocked expressions. I ran across the Fifty Themes; One Character thing, and it seemed just perfect for the EU-ignoring, canon-compliant OT fic I've been wanting to write. So I grabbed a set and wasted the whole day on it instead of working on the au_bigbang. Uh, either of them.


Title: Daughter of Time

Fanverse: haven't named it yet! just a general EU-ignoring, canon-compliant... thing

Blurb: er -- Princess Leia for Supreme Lord of Everything?

Pairings/warnings: Leia/Han, Leia and Luke, Leia and Anakin, Leia and various Naberries; general Skywalker stanning; character death; total lack of any coherent chronology, though some themes follow from the previous ones and you should be able to guess at the general order of events; drama!; mommy, daddy and extended-relative issues; widespread abuse of/cheating with the semi-colon.

Length: one-shot (2001 words)


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In Austen fandom, I have a particular fondness for next generation fic. Well, for the idea of next generation fic -- I can't say I've much enjoyed most of those I've read. But still, it's the first thing I ever wanted to read, and my personal favourite of my WIPs, Claims to Reputation, consists entirely of epistolary next-generation self-indulgence. This drabble, which I'm not sure if I ever posted anywhere or not, was my first attempt at next-gen fic and a sort of forerunner to that one.


Title: Nor Help For Pain

Fanverse: Comforts and Consequences (proto-C&C, really, but I think it still fits)

Blurb: George Wickham, Miss Darcy of Pemberley, and falling into ... something.

Pairings/warnings: none

Length: double drabble (274 words)


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