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Tumblr user erunyauve made this post, which argued that Tolkien's insistence that Elves are "immensely strong" isn't supported by the suggestion in LOTR that Aragorn and Boromir are the muscle of the Fellowship, or a line in the Silmarillion about the distinction between Sindar and Noldor.

I responded:

Hm, I read the evidence rather differently.

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aka "I've been writing Faramir fic again." Actually, the idea was to write dark!Faramir, but it's more like "slightly less restrained Faramir."

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This isn't nearly a decade late or anything! It basically consists of a good portion of my posts at Emyn Arnen and Men of Gondor, sadly inaccessible though they are. So, for anyone who might not know (somehow): I do not like Faramir in the movies, and this is mostly an exploration of their differences from that perspective. I tried to avoid bashing, but eh. It’s also really long, much longer than I originally expected. You can watch/listen to the whole thing here.

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Basically, it's a compressed, talky version of the stuff that I was thinking through with my Lothíriel fic all those years ago. This isn't that, I just got to thinking about it when I came across a random reference, and considering where my Lothíriel might have gotten all those seditious ideas from. :)

title: princes of the city
fanverse: canon, more or less

The Lady Ivriniel did not like the King. She did not pretend otherwise—to anything but grudging acknowledgment of his accomplishments, and would have considered it a deplorable weakness of character to let anyone think she approved of this upstart from the North. She only just refrained from muttering usurper under her breath every time his names were mentioned, and that—her kin suspected—sprang more from consideration for her sister-son than actual civility.

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Jun. 8th, 2013 10:17 pm
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 Hey, everyone. I've kind of fallen back into Tolkien fandom (!) on Tumblr, which is making me ridiculously happy--I'm trying to kind of maintain a, idk, presence in all my fandoms rather than swerving from one to the other as I've always done, so that I don't completely drift away AND I manage to have a life and all, but still. It's been really fun and everyone's super nice so far (I got an intimidatingly nice ask from a BNF I follow o_O). I've posted some new and mostly old thoughts, and I started a Silmarillion liveblog thing with [personal profile] wyncatastrophe, which is a blast even if I choose fairly random things to focus on. 

I also had a weird but very tempting plotbunny for a sort of alternate version of the Southampton plot in post-ROTK Gondor--shortly before Aragorn heads off on one of his wars (with Faramir as the Earl of March). Political shenanigans! I wrote four whole sentences:

The King did not owe his throne to the Steward. His victories in war, the alliances he had carefully forged, the healing of the wounded—most prominently, Lord Faramir himself—these, as much as the long-rejected claim of the heirs of Isildur, had made him High King. Still, Faramir’s graceful surrender of power had done a great deal to smooth Aragorn’s path. Had he been less accommodating, or had the Lord Denethor survived, Aragorn might still have his throne, but he would have sat upon it far more uneasily. 

Anyway. I was, as I recall, one of the younger people in the fandom when I was really active in it--I was randomly looking at an old fic and I wrote it nine years ago?? It's a cliché, but where did the time go? Now I'm getting reblogged by people who were born when I was in high school. 

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Comment on this post and I'll give you 7 things of your own, and you comment on them in your journal. And so on.

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So I'm twenty-six today, and it feels rather odd, but I had an awesome birthday. My mother bought me a pot of daffodils, and I spent hours at Powell's Books (the local bookstore with over one million books at this location, hell yeah) and had ultra-bittersweet hot chocolate (yum!) and then went to the Mongolian grill. Also I don't have homework, for once!

As well as being the 2056th anniversary of Julius Caesar's death, March 15th is mentioned in Lord of the Rings as the day that Théoden died. Wow, thanks Tolkien - but hey, doesn't that mean it's also the day that Éowyn slew the Witch-King?

Why, yes. Yes, it does. So to finish off the fabulous day I've just had, I'm going to do a picspam of a fabulous character: Éowyn, and mostly Éowyn's shining moment on March 15th.

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I ranted about Han's skeeviness in ESB for yesterday, so I'm doing the unpopular opinions today! Though probably not for every conceivable fandom.


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And [personal profile] tree just reminded me that I have been slacking on my mission to spread memes like a bacterial outbreak, so here are some proper ones.

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I hardly wrote at all, but it was still a fabulous day. I'm on vacation! I bet everyone at Wii Tennis! And unlocked the Lightning Cup! And played with my two thinly-veiled Lucy!toons. Also, I got the final draft of my chapter back from my writing professor, and it was ... a little overwhelming, but amazing.

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The request was:

Faramir the judge, pre-ROTK. Anything from quarrel between other children to substituting for Denethor (if you can make it credible - I know you can).

Well, thanks. This is a kind of loose interpretation of the prompt - I don't know if it's exactly what you were looking for and I haven't written Faramir in ages, so I hope this is satisfactory!

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Hey, I got rec'd at crack_van again! For Star Wars this time. I didn't think people even read my SW stories, except a few of you on my f-list. And the comment was so nice. My day is totally made! *happy flappy hands of glee*

So, I'm too busy for meta (au_bigbangs all day, every day) or fic or anything, so ... memes! I have a bunch of them piled up.

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In my last post, I forgot to mention the entire reason I was thinking about things that make me happy: DADT was repealed, yay.

And by ‘yay,’ I meant ‘my country sucks slightly less today than it did yesterday.’

... Occasionally, talking about politics with other Americans feels like talking about fandom with other Austenfen. I’ll start to say ‘well, you know, they’ve tried it in Canada/Belgium/Argentina/etc--’ and inevitably get blank stares and/or WHAT IS THIS PLACE OF WHICH YOU SPEAK, AND WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THEIR HEATHEN WAYS??

Only for civil rights instead of the merits of rec lists.

Also, on a largely unrelated note, I have no right whatsoever to object to arbitrarily ignoring/changing characters’ canon sexuality. Well, I do, but it’s massively hypocritical.

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I have just finished my last class of the term, which I may or may not pass (statistics, eurgh), and I decided to celebrate my vacation by dredging up what I could from the Wayback Machine's copies of Emyn Arnen -- a Tolkien (specifically, Faramir/Éowyn) site I talked about here.  In particular, the old Purist Rantings threads. 

A number of highly active members of Emyn Arnen, including yours truly, had many, many objections to the LOTR movies.  Oh, we did love them.  We just hated them, too.  This is the purist way.  Since we kept spilling over and offending the somewhat less ... hm, vocal filmfen, I made a thread strictly for ranting about the movies.

And we ranted.  For thirteen pages.  That's when the admins closed it and started a new one.  We maxed that one out, too -- and the next.  It was only on the fourth thread that we began to lose steam. 

It would take hundreds of pages (and hours) to transcribe all of them.  However, since they may vanish at any moment, I wanted to preserve them in some way.  Therefore, I begin to provide the truly exhaustive version of ...

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I was digging up Emyn Arnen files, and stumbled across a (very short) story I wrote ages ago, and never posted anywhere else:

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There's a lot of discussion going on about Mary Sues, and what makes a Mary Sue, and Sue shaming and so on. I'm kind of ambivalent, or at least confused, so I have all the following thoughts about it:

-- awesome male character = badass. awesome female character (often) = Sue. Double standards at their worst.

-- wish-fulfilment is not bad. It is not necessarily good either. It can be done badly (too many things to count) or it can be done well (P&P!). I think it's easier to do badly than many things, and where a lot of us (all of us?) start. My first original character was a golden-haired, sapphire-eyed princess-healer-seeress-sorceress with the most powerful magical talent EVER HEARD OF. And she was Chosen by Fate to save the world from an alien invasion.


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