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Huh, some people keep asking me if I’m ever going to write a Cassian POV (understandably, since he’s my favourite! but Jyn is my second favourite and I like her more as a POV character). And while some things are slated for it in the future, I’ve been pretty “eh.”


I was trying to figure out a thing for the Rebelcaptain week (which I tragically missed both times T_T) and it just wasn’t working until I thought of doing a Cassian POV, and—

It's a blast! I am getting a huge kick out of it.

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The Rogue One vs OT fave competition thing that fandom is doing is … really baffling for me.

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Hello, Dreamwidth! I've been howling over Rogue One on Tumblr for days now, which is totally fine. Haha. Merry Christmas.

Short version: I think a couple of the criticisms in terms of structure are legit, and also OH MY GOD I LOVE LOVE I LOVE THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE SW SINCE EMPIRE OH GODDDDD ALSO TWO OTPS OUT OF ONE MOVIE WHAT A FILM A+++++

An anon asked me for a review, so my longer and more coherent review:

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I responded to this picspam with:

Luke and Leia are visually paired in a lot of interesting ways, especially considered it wasn't conceived as a twin thing until ROTJ. I think Luke-Leia was always built on likeness.

Han and Leia definitely have commonalities, but ultimately it's a relationship about struggling to cross boundaries, and it's framed that way visually. Luke and Leia are framed as a natural pair. Neither ever stop to think of the oddity of princess-farmboy; they just fit. It works, and nobody needs to think about why.

I'm putting it strongly, but—that's part of the reason that the treatment of them as opposite counterparts is so ??????? They're framed together in opposition to Han, visually and dynamically, so often. They're given incredibly similar lines, sometimes simultaneously. I think it's also why ... people joke about the twin twist, but ultimately it works. You can look at these two tiny, unflinching idealists shouldering terrible trauma, and saying, tomorrow I'll grieve but today we carry on, and believe they've got the same blood in their veins.

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When I received this (17 February 2016), I had just reblogged a Leia post and grumped in the tags about what I considered JJ Abrams' "cop-out" in respect to Leia's potential as a Jedi. (When asked about it, he didn't defend his marginalization of her abilities, but pinned the choice on Leia herself.)

An anon asked:

You know, I always wanted Leia to become a Jedi ever since I watched the original trilogy. I don't see it as a cop out that she isn't one, however. Mainly because I can see her not wanting anything to do with her father to contrast the 'I am a Jedi like my father before me.' And once her son started to fall down a similar path, I'd guess she actively wanted nothing to do with that. If it was a choice she made to contrast all of that, I think that makes sense too. So I'm OK either way

My response:

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aka, I’ve talked about this a million times, but I wanted to stick all my thoughts in one place. Also, specifically kicked off by @steinbecks’ fascinating take on him here.

Warning: I am aggressively indifferent to non-film material apart from novelizations and scripts. EU material, past and present, does not enter into my interpretations.

Okay. I think that how we understand Anakin’s identity as Darth Vader is … often flawed. Vader’s sense of his identity seems to get subsumed into Yoda’s, Obi-Wan’s, and Palpatine’s sense of his identity. But the whole idea of Anakin-in-the-past and Darth-Vader-in-the-present as ontologically separate is not an idea that Anakin himself ever subscribes to.

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landofalwayswinter on Tumblr asked:

Did Padme's family know she had kids? I know she looked pregnant in the funeral scene but her and Anakin were Secret Married so idk. Would Padme's family accept that Luke and Leia are her kids? You have the best Star Wars meta btw :3

My response:

Thanks :)

They met Anakin and clearly realized that he and Padmé were in the process of getting romantically involved, even if they didn’t know about the secret marriage. The mere fact of being Skywalkers born on the day of Padmé’s death is suggestive enough. Once the death of the Emperor destroys the need for secrecy, I imagine those basic Wikipedia profile facts would become pretty widely known to anyone. The Naberries might very well guess at the truth before Luke and Leia themselves.

Even if not, the GFFA canonically has blood testing technology. They use it to test Anakin’s midichlorians in TPM. It’s not much of a stretch to think they could do basic genetic testing.

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Awhile back, I was struggling with a quandary that only emerged as I tried to write my doomed-to-Jossing fic, but which had definitely been floating around the back of my mind for awhile. I wrote a post about it, but the short version:

1. Luke being absent is a huge deal, particularly for Leia. All indication is that he was very, very present in the family, and his disappearance was one of the ways the family fell apart in the wake of Ben's fall.
2. Sending Ben away--to Luke--was, also, a huge deal that estranged him from his parents.

If Luke being absent is so drastic a shift for the family, it seems strange that turning Ben over to Luke would also be a drastic shift.

Buuuut, now that I've finally got my greedy hands on the script, I think it actually does make sense, and fits well with what I was vaguely envisioning.

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title: reyes (2/??, haha I thought it'd be out of two I never learn)
verse: general headcanon; at this point I think it's strictly compliant with *squints* Distaff Lines + Ends of Smoky Days, Proper Names and mother tongue; up the waterspout; too late to go back to sleep; the first day and still the stars find their way; Reasonable Sacrifice; and Jedi Knight (anonymous review) + Reflections on the Vader Question. (tbh I thought there would be like three of these and progressively realized I've accumulated a little universe.)

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...least of all with a teaching job and two grad classes, but there was no way backstory headcanon TFA fic wasn't going to happen.

title: reyes (1/2 or so)
verse: shares some of my old headcanon, but this part is mostly just tiny Ben and his OT3 parents mother, father, and uncle dealing with canonical stuff. Also fluff, mostly, but with references to (canon) genocide.

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Ugh, Tumblr. My dash is wall to wall beautiful art, shipping/stanning wank, and thousands of notes a day, which is nice (well, except the wank) but also makes it easy for the blue hellbox to swallow me up again.

Anyway, a friend over there asked me for my thoughts on his redemption arc, and... I have some. 

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I’m trying to work out timelines to build up an inevitably-to-be-Jossed headcanon, and I keep running into a lot of uncertainty about Luke.

TFA spoilers under the cut! 

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So I've been drifting around assorted new trilogy wishlists, and before many more rumours/occasional confirmations come out, I figure, here's mine:

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I had my first day of stats today. I have trouble hearing the prof or reading her handwriting, and I've forgotten just about everything from the prereq course, which I took TWO YEARS ago. Also, for some reason the sun turned a neon orange-red this morning. Second thought: 'what a strange atmospheric effect!' First thought: 'OMG WE'RE CHARN.'

Anyway, this chapter took ages to write, mostly because a good chunk of it comes straight from scenes that were actually filmed. One's a cut scene, but the rest (one pretty infamously) remain in the final cut.

title: The Imperial Menace (6/8)
verse: Lucy
notes/warnings: canonical incest vibes

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Ugh, I submitted a story for publication. I'm pretty certain it won't be accepted (it's bizarre flash fiction and frankly not that good), but ... we'll see, I guess. I do have a massive quantity of unfinished original fiction to tinker with (basically just like my fanfic WIP pile, only FAR FAR MORE). Anyway, this chapter: some of you may have noticed that Wedge takes up Luke's roles in a couple of places, not just Lucy. This ends up having ... actual consequences. I was terribly excited! (Look, Ma! A change! Ooh, should I kill someone?)

The Imperial Menace (4/8)
verse: Lucy

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I meant to spend all day writing. Instead, I spent all day playing GW2. Most addictive game ever.

title: The Imperial Menace (2/8)
verse: Lucy

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So I wrote something that isn't dredged up out of my hard drive, or a crossover. Not exactly a crossover. Just ... inspired by something I'm still flailing over. I dealt with this by writing fic about it. In another fandom. (Anyone who's been following me over there will have a good idea what I'm talking about. And if you want to know what possessed me to write this, the explanation is below. :D)

title: set on this path
Anakin defeats Obi-Wan at Mustafar, but Padmé still dies in childbirth; tw: abuse, suicide, character deaths (even by my lights, this is not a happy story - I'd go PG or PG-13, rating-wise)

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In my nonexistent spare time, I sat down to write my own version of the Leia's Choice Of Name fic - there are a lot of them, and they all seem to come to the same (perfectly reasonable) conclusion, so I thought I'd do one that ended up at a slightly different place (which I also think is reasonable!), which should be a short one-shot. However, my attention pretty much immediately drifted beyond that, as it does, and what I ended up writing was neither short, specifically to do with Leia's name, or a one-shot. But it is about Han-Leia-Luke, Luke-Leia-Anakin, Luke and Anakin, Luke and Leia being similar (and a little uncanny), agency, choices made before and after ROTJ, Force-ghosts, multiple perspectives, ROTJ!Leia =/= ESB!Leia, my dislike of Tatooine Ghost, and various other things I find personally satisfying to write about.

More concisely: SW (mostly) post-ROTJ headcanon idfic!

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May. 11th, 2012 06:30 pm
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I finally finished the last of my backlog of (mostly) drabble prompts - one set took six weeks because I fail. On the upside, I've stayed caught up with my classes.

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