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aka, I’ve talked about this a million times, but I wanted to stick all my thoughts in one place. Also, specifically kicked off by @steinbecks’ fascinating take on him here.

Warning: I am aggressively indifferent to non-film material apart from novelizations and scripts. EU material, past and present, does not enter into my interpretations.

Okay. I think that how we understand Anakin’s identity as Darth Vader is … often flawed. Vader’s sense of his identity seems to get subsumed into Yoda’s, Obi-Wan’s, and Palpatine’s sense of his identity. But the whole idea of Anakin-in-the-past and Darth-Vader-in-the-present as ontologically separate is not an idea that Anakin himself ever subscribes to.

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Vacation is awesome! I have to go crawling to the psychology department about financial aid, though. Ugh.

title: The Imperial Menace (3/8)
verse: Lucy

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I had a (long) post all written up and saved at tumblr, and it's just ... gone. WHY.

Eurgh. I declined to rewrite the whole thing and wrote an indulgent AU fic instead. I'd already plotted out P&P + lightsabers; this time I went for SW + Regency.

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I've been terribly behind on everything and trying to focus(ish) on school, but I finally finished one of the responses to my last meme.

ladyhadhafang asked for "Every different person's thoughts as the Clone Wars begin," set in a SW/ATLA fusion 'verse, to the music of "This Is War." I declined to fit that into 100 words.

title: this is war (I am that brilliant)
verse: sw/atla

[Note: I personally like to imagine that Korra, Tenzin, and Lin Bei Fong invented space travel and the residents of the Avatar universe spread far and wide, until it became... y'know, Star Wars. But less white. Maybe it was later than that, though. You choose!]

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Mar. 20th, 2012 04:42 pm
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I've been searching for essays on SW for my theory class, and I didn't really think I'd have trouble finding them. On the upside, I really haven't had trouble -- but most of them are awful.

A lot of the authors half-heartedly tried to take on sexism - and, I mean, I think there's lots of sexism in SW? Both in-story and in its construction? But things like this version of "feminist" crit makes my skin crawl.

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it would go to chameleon-irony for this. Crap, this was hard. But I've missed challenging myself, so thanks! And for dark!Leia last time.

title: we shall all be changed
verse: dark[ish]!Padmé; prompt: how long have I been walking down this road?

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Yay, I got a bunch of prompts for my meme, repeatedly maxed out the comment boxes and had to cut them down. And of course just about all are untitled beginnings of the 'if I were going to write this fic, which I'm not, I'd begin it something like this...' type. For convenience's sake, I will title each fic with a random line from Handel's Messiah (my go-to SW music for the bizarrely appropriate lols).

Here's the only two-part one, though, requested (in two parts!) by[personal profile] wyncatastrophe :

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So The Phantom Menace is out again, this time in 3-D, with a less bizarre-looking Yoda. I keep telling myself to go and see it, but haven't worked myself up to it. But after having just written nine posts about my multitude of issues with Padmé Amidala, and remembering that hey, I don't like TPM but I do like Padmé in it, it seemed a good time to picspam her.

I had a great time digging the pictures up, too, whether off of tumblr or deviantart or the depths of my hard drive. Padmé Amidala = most fabulously costumed character to exist. And not in Star Wars - in anything, ever.

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This, even more than the others, is a continuation of the previous section, but narrows the focus on Luke and Leia. Luke-Leia is up there with Anakin-Luke for my favourite relationship in Star Wars, so I took advantage of the opportunity for a quasi-picspam and just stuffed every Luke and Leia-focused picture/set of pictures I have into the video space. Which, looking over it, led to some rather odd juxtapositions. (I'll post them properly in a few days. Uh, warning for thirty-year-old quasi-twincest - twins kissing with varying levels of incestuousness, at varying levels of canon.)


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appropriate random icon is appropriate!

This response is completely off the top of my head and ended up being (1) way longer than I expected, so I'm posting it in bits and pieces, and (2) more fervent than I expected, so if you like Padmé and/or the prequels, you may not want to listen/read. But here we go. Oh, and the transcript necessarily includes the essay I'm reacting to, since I read it aloud and responded point-by-point (well, started to).

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Well, The Adventures of Lucy Skywalker is, anyway. I stumbled across it the other day, and it was ... um, okay, kind of weird, because a good portion of the review is the reviewer just reading and occasionally interspersing commentary, and the way she reads it sounds nothing like how it does in my head (it’s awful, but I kept wanting to say ‘um, I put those stops there for a reason’). It's not the accent, either, just ... I don't know. The rest is a brief sum-up of her opinions that seemed mostly about some other fic she disliked, but she concluded that mine is more than adequate, which was nice? You can try to watch/listen to it here, if you want.

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Jan. 13th, 2012 08:09 am
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I have, somehow, managed to acquire too many pictures for a normal picspam since my last picspam. So instead, here are just the gifs -- all Star Wars, as usual. A few are in sets, for which I sorta-kinda came up with titles.

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So apparently I will never run out of these (eta: holy crap there were a lot of them). And I'm gearing up for my essay on the eighteenth-century sublime as a tool of masculine domination (we were supposed to use Northanger Abbey but I got the okay to use Sanditon instead) and a final for my Bible-as-literature class and a revision/four-page-explanation of revision, so.

I wonder if anybody can guess my favourite character. *whistling*

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I meant to do the Austen one, really, but most of those who'd be interested have seen most of them already anyway, and ... I'll try and do a double Austen-Tolkien one Friday or Saturday, maybe. In the meanwhile, I've been wandering around tumblr and found a bunch of awesome Star Wars things (too many for this post!), mostly from one shiny tumblr -- though, to be honest, I don't perfectly remember everything I've posted before. Here's to hoping for very little overlap!

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