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At Tumblr, I received a submission from someone called Fladow, in response to this post:

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Obviously, sexism influences fans and fannish practices, but I think it’s ridiculously disingenuous to suggest that internalized misogyny is the only force at work. I don’t always want to brace myself for my entertainment; it’s common to say, “[x] is my life, of course it comes with me” - I’ve said it myself, and it’s true to some extent, but sometimes I do want to just set it aside and not feel like I have firecrackers going off in my brain for a few hours.

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So I wrote something that isn't dredged up out of my hard drive, or a crossover. Not exactly a crossover. Just ... inspired by something I'm still flailing over. I dealt with this by writing fic about it. In another fandom. (Anyone who's been following me over there will have a good idea what I'm talking about. And if you want to know what possessed me to write this, the explanation is below. :D)

title: set on this path
Anakin defeats Obi-Wan at Mustafar, but Padmé still dies in childbirth; tw: abuse, suicide, character deaths (even by my lights, this is not a happy story - I'd go PG or PG-13, rating-wise)

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I've been terribly behind on everything and trying to focus(ish) on school, but I finally finished one of the responses to my last meme.

ladyhadhafang asked for "Every different person's thoughts as the Clone Wars begin," set in a SW/ATLA fusion 'verse, to the music of "This Is War." I declined to fit that into 100 words.

title: this is war (I am that brilliant)
verse: sw/atla

[Note: I personally like to imagine that Korra, Tenzin, and Lin Bei Fong invented space travel and the residents of the Avatar universe spread far and wide, until it became... y'know, Star Wars. But less white. Maybe it was later than that, though. You choose!]

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I introduced my foster-sister to Avatar a few months ago, and she just asked for Book 2. I gave it to her before I went to uni. When I came back, she ran up to me the moment I walked through the door.

ME: hi
ME: ...yes?
ME: Ah. Zuko.
MARIA: And he DIDN'T!!


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When I wrote last year's au_bigbangs, I vaguely referred to two other fandoms within the stories - for the lulz! - and then amused myself by stuffing as many references to as many others of mine as I could shove in. I always meant to do a proper attribution post, but just ... forgot. But now I've remembered! So here they are. (The citations are in white, so feel free to guess if it amuses you.)

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I hope 2011 has been okay and 2012 will be better -- though, at least for me and my fellow Americans, I have some slight doubts about that. OHAI ELECTION YEAR. But let's think positive thoughts for a few days, anyway. And I'm determined to finish my waaaaay-overdue replies tomorrow if I have to stay up all night. And Mark liked Tom Bombadil in general and is a bit stunned at the fabulousness of Tolkien, so the world is pretty okay despite nightmares about Rick Santorum becoming president.

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So apparently I will never run out of these (eta: holy crap there were a lot of them). And I'm gearing up for my essay on the eighteenth-century sublime as a tool of masculine domination (we were supposed to use Northanger Abbey but I got the okay to use Sanditon instead) and a final for my Bible-as-literature class and a revision/four-page-explanation of revision, so.

I wonder if anybody can guess my favourite character. *whistling*

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I ranted about Han's skeeviness in ESB for yesterday, so I'm doing the unpopular opinions today! Though probably not for every conceivable fandom.


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And [personal profile] tree just reminded me that I have been slacking on my mission to spread memes like a bacterial outbreak, so here are some proper ones.

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Maybe I should just have hatred empowers us as a tag.

It’s rather awkward when you run across conversations you’d really like to be involved in but … you aren’t, and even if it wouldn’t be inappropriate to butt in, it feels sort of pointless. So I’m just going to be passive-aggressive and declare this


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I'm behind on my memes and ... I'm not doing them today, either. But I do have the next chunk of my scene-by-scene rewatching of Star Wars, aka A New Hope. So here we go, SW (and TV Tropes)!

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Aug. 16th, 2011 09:36 pm
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I found a Harry Potter and a Jane Austen 30 Day meme. I know what I'll be doing when this is over!

In other news, I finished the damn essay (synthesis of Northanger Abbey, The Monk, and The Others -- yes, I chose that particular combination) thanks in large degree to [personal profile] hl  for rewatching The Others with me, prodding me with sprints, and generally being awesome. Also finished Ch 9 of Revenge and I'm 400 words into 10, which will hopefully bring Luke and Leia to the same planet for once. Telepathy just isn't the same! I think I actually have some hope of getting this in on time. Hey, even First Impressions was a day late.

Also, [personal profile] hl  and I are going to watch Avatar: the Last Airbender at some point, because she hasn't seen it and I'm always up for rewatching and it will be amazing. I just rewatched The Southern Air Temple today and ;_; but wow, gorgeous. And Jason Isaac's voice will do just fine until we get Mark Hamill's. (QOM!Luke's students make a concerted enough to never anger him, ever, just so he won't use THE VOICE on them. The voice that sounds just like Fire Lord Ozai. The Organa twins are quite well-behaved around him, too. Lyra, on the other hand, doesn't much care. Probably because she sounds just like Azula. :P)

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Hey, I got rec'd at crack_van again! For Star Wars this time. I didn't think people even read my SW stories, except a few of you on my f-list. And the comment was so nice. My day is totally made! *happy flappy hands of glee*

So, I'm too busy for meta (au_bigbangs all day, every day) or fic or anything, so ... memes! I have a bunch of them piled up.

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I have ... a lot to write: Revenge, by far the more epic of my au_bigbang fics, only squeaked past at 12k, I have to critique two chapters for class, finish Lucy (Season 1!), and I have a couple of fifty themes bouncing around my hard drive. And I have a few posts I've been thinking about too - Luke and Leia are fundamentally pretty similar; why I'd love to see Darcy/Fitzwilliam; how being asexual doesn't, in my experience, get easier over time and in some ways gets much worse; and Black family headcanon.

But then I saw all these awesome thirty days memes, and thought they looked fun and amazing, but I never actually finished the one I was working on! So I'd better do that.

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I turned in my last essays today, and got my Spanish final back -- 56.5/59, so hurrah.  It was my last Spanish class, so ... I don't know.  It's inconvenient to schedule around sequential classes, especially when they fill up as quickly as Spanish does, but I'll miss it.  I've been studying off-and-on for ten years, and I forgot just about everything I knew for five of them, but it was super-easy to pick up once I started up again. 

Eh.  I'm partly relieved for the scheduling reasons, partly terrified that I'm going to lose it all over again (I'm not anywhere near fluent, but I know all the verb tenses and stuff), and partly ... wistful, I guess.  There aren't a lot of classes where the material seems to leap into your brain of its own accord, whether you're trying to learn it or not.  Anyway, I'll be happy if I just pass English, and I should do well in psychology.  I generally do, for some inexplicable reason - I'm really not a people person.  

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I finally finished Avatar.  Some deep, treacly part of my soul wishes Zuko could have reconciled with that little boy in the Earth Kingdom. Or something. The silent Agni Kai with Azula (*sob*) was suitably epic, as was the coronation.  Also, I am totally a gen girl and at first couldn't understand how anybody could get worked up by romantic partnerships between 12-16-year-olds, and somehow I ended up desperately (if hopelessly) shipping Aang/Toph. What is wrong with me.  (As for Zuko, my only OTP is Zuko/Fire Nation. And possibly Zuko/honour.)

Anyway!  I don't know about you all, but when I'm working on something (or, as in this case, two somethings), I always have to fight off the temptation to just wander off and start working on one or two other things. Since I have two au_bigbangs going, this is Not Acceptable, and instead I've started jotting down my ideas for another day. And by "my ideas," I mean "ideas I'd like to see written by anybody, as long as it's halfway decent."

So all of this is to say that I'm not laying claim to any of these ideas or anything, it's just -- if anybody has ever wondered why I never finish anything, it's because I'm lazy and undisciplined my brain is a strange place.

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