Mar. 20th, 2012 04:42 pm
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I've been searching for essays on SW for my theory class, and I didn't really think I'd have trouble finding them. On the upside, I really haven't had trouble -- but most of them are awful.

A lot of the authors half-heartedly tried to take on sexism - and, I mean, I think there's lots of sexism in SW? Both in-story and in its construction? But things like this version of "feminist" crit makes my skin crawl.

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Ha, two days instead of six months. I feel so accomplished. Warning for talking about things I dislike about the prequels, though. (I'm starting to feel this is a thing that needs to be warned for.)

This is more like part 12b, as I'm awake now and just continuing beyond the five minutes I managed to cover last time, but—anyway.

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ANH 12/??

Mar. 11th, 2012 08:53 pm
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I thought it'd been awhile since I did one of these, so I glanced back and...over six months. WTF, Elizabeth. In my defense, my DVD was non-functioning for most of that time and only got repaired about two weeks ago. But I'm still side-eyeing myself over my own comment from last time: I'm just hoping I actually finish them -- for ANH anyway -- before I turn twenty-six, heh.

My twenty-sixth birthday is on Thursday. ...Heh.

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This, even more than the others, is a continuation of the previous section, but narrows the focus on Luke and Leia. Luke-Leia is up there with Anakin-Luke for my favourite relationship in Star Wars, so I took advantage of the opportunity for a quasi-picspam and just stuffed every Luke and Leia-focused picture/set of pictures I have into the video space. Which, looking over it, led to some rather odd juxtapositions. (I'll post them properly in a few days. Uh, warning for thirty-year-old quasi-twincest - twins kissing with varying levels of incestuousness, at varying levels of canon.)


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Yes, these go on forever, and I went off on tangents at pretty much every opportunity. This, of course, is one of them -- the whole thing is my response to maybe one paragraph, and at that, rather tangentially related to it. It's a little shorter, though, since I'm now trying to separate these into vaguely cohesive units, though.

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appropriate random icon is appropriate!

This response is completely off the top of my head and ended up being (1) way longer than I expected, so I'm posting it in bits and pieces, and (2) more fervent than I expected, so if you like Padmé and/or the prequels, you may not want to listen/read. But here we go. Oh, and the transcript necessarily includes the essay I'm reacting to, since I read it aloud and responded point-by-point (well, started to).

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Jan. 25th, 2012 08:16 pm
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I will probably doing more audio things in the near future, because, honestly, it's about all I have time for at the moment. Back in ye olde days of 300-level classes, and only three of them, I had plenty of time for my sort of involved, rambly essays, which I just don't at the moment. But I do want to stay involved in my fandoms! So audio stuff that doesn't take as long, with transcripts when I can manage, so sort of like rambles, but more...spontaneous!

In related whatsits, I would like to do a reading of something I didn't write, in accordance with the whole hey-I-have-time-for-talking-if-not-much-else. So if anybody is willing to have me podfic a fic of theirs, drop me a line or a comment or something.

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Well, The Adventures of Lucy Skywalker is, anyway. I stumbled across it the other day, and it was ... um, okay, kind of weird, because a good portion of the review is the reviewer just reading and occasionally interspersing commentary, and the way she reads it sounds nothing like how it does in my head (it’s awful, but I kept wanting to say ‘um, I put those stops there for a reason’). It's not the accent, either, just ... I don't know. The rest is a brief sum-up of her opinions that seemed mostly about some other fic she disliked, but she concluded that mine is more than adequate, which was nice? You can try to watch/listen to it here, if you want.

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In happy-making news, the ace bigbang is going to happen for reals, only it's going to be BETTER -- a full-blown people-who-aren't-straight-or-cis bigbang. I already babbled at [personal profile] tulina and [personal profile] hl and [personal profile] biichan about it, but it's so awesome that I had to share with EVERYONE. Hmm, maybe somebody will put it on [community profile] fandomcalendar and there'll be participants on the dw side? That would be cool! Anyway, that's a thing (an awesome thing!!).

Speaking of which, I was just glancing at the most recent ... events, and found something beautiful. OMG. I love OT3s and ship them across all my fandoms, and somebody's already volunteered for my very favourite one. Maybe I could get up the nerve to suggest a prompt? ...eh, probably not. (I get ridiculously nervous about these things! But still, a OT3 prompt is a thing of beauty.)

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I'm behind on my memes and ... I'm not doing them today, either. But I do have the next chunk of my scene-by-scene rewatching of Star Wars, aka A New Hope. So here we go, SW (and TV Tropes)!

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Jul. 7th, 2011 10:54 am
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I am a bad Northanger Abbey fan, and have never read this book. I hear it's long, dull and melodramatic and ... never got around to it. But now it's been assigned for a class, so I'm wading through it. If anybody wants to read along, feel free!

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