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Jul. 1st, 2016 08:36 pm
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The Borgias political AU is going to be a thing. I don't know what level of thing, but ... a Thing.


AP—With all votes counted, Speaker of the House Rodrigo Borja (D-CA) has won a narrow popular victory over his Republican opponent, Senator Julius Rove (R-WY). The electoral victory was decisive, with Borja winning 358 electoral votes, helped by strong support from female, Latino, and African-American voters. The Democratic victory makes for a new historical first: Borja, the son of Ecuadorian immigrants, will be America’s first Hispanic president.

President-elect Rodrigo Borja with running mate Katharine Powers (left), his wife Julie (center), son Juan (right), and daughter Lucrecia (far right)

Senator Rove’s campaign has yet to discuss the candidate’s concession ...


SF Chronicle—Since 1988, California has been friendly territory for Democrats. This year proved no exception. The polls that gave Rodrigo Borja a double-digit lead in his native California underrated his actual performance on Election Day: a whopping 31-point victory.

Californians also voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in local and state races, once again granting the Democratic Party a supermajority. In an unsurprising but significant turn of events, California's —th district (formerly represented in Congress by Rodrigo Borja) handed a resounding victory to twenty-five-year-old César Borja. Mr Borja, an attorney, is nephew of the President-elect and faced accusations of nepotism throughout the campaign. In the long run, however, his familiar face did him no harm with voters: Borja won the district with a 17-point margin.


Profile of the First Daughter

People—Lucrecia Borja, 21, is no stranger to the public eye. Her father, President Rodrigo Borja, has been active in Washington since long before her birth. Her mother is Canadian actress Vanessa Gautier, known better as Sephrenia on HBO’s The Diamond Throne than as the president’s ex-wife.

“If you look close, you can see my first baby picture in Byzantium,” she jokes. Gautier, who co-starred in the film and snagged an Oscar nomination for her performance as Theodora, was pregnant at the time. Fourteen years later, a third nomination proved the opportunity for Lucrecia’s first major public appearance, in which she famously upstaged superstar Sasha Darby. As first daughter, she has become an indisputable fashion icon, described by Vogue as “Malia Obama meets Jackie Kennedy.”


Lucrecia with her cousin, Rep. César Borja (D-CA), at her first White House State Dinner; she is wearing a Valentino dress priced at $10,000

However, Lucrecia Borja is far more than a (spectacular) clothes horse. Educated at a private school in Montreal, she speaks four languages and hopes to acquire more, already serving as a sort of unofficial ambassador for her father. Additionally, she expects to graduate summa cum laude from Harvard, where—suitably enough—she has studied political science and business. 
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