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I thought I'd crossposted this one, but maybe not? Anyway:


How accurate is the costumes and hairstyles in P&P 2005? I have yet to read the book (I know, I know, bad fan, but now I've watched all the movies and miniseries, so it's next on my list since I still want more Elizabeth and Jane in my life), so how does the costumes go with the descriptions in the book?


There are virtually no descriptions of clothes and absolutely none of hairstyles in the book. We don’t even know the colour of their hair from the book.

One of the only hints we get is Caroline Bingley’s remark that Elizabeth let down her skirt to cover up the petticoat six inches in mud. What that means is that her gown had a parted overskirt, with the petticoat showing, and she let down the overskirt so it would fall completely over the petticoat. Some contemporary fashion plates can give you an idea of the style:

They’re fashion plates, so fancier than anything Elizabeth would have been wearing for a three-mile hike in the mud, but… that’s the idea. They’re all from the mid 1790s, btw, when Pride and Prejudice was first drafted (not the only fashion of the period, but a very common one). That’s part of the reason the aesthetic for the 2005 is so different: it assumes a lateish 1790s setting instead of around 1813, when it was published.
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