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I genuinely did not consider the extent of the Vader/Cassian parallels until I startled rambling in the tags.

And now it’s like … “some carry their prisons with them.” GOD. GOD!!!!! *headdesk*

To start with the worst, they’re both child soldiers.

Anakin was “old” for training—training primarily focused on weaponry—at nine. But he was trained, nonetheless, from childhood. Disastrously! (For him psychologically and the galaxy as a whole, that is: obviously not in terms of his effectiveness; cf. Rogue One.)

Cassian furiously tells Jyn that he’s been a committed fighter in the war from the age of six. That’s the entire length of the Empire’s existence. How did a six-year-old boy end up fighting in the Rebellion? We don’t know, and I’m not sure we want to.

(The ancillary material tries to make it less horrifying than it sounds, but I see no reason not to take him at his onscreen word.)

By their twenties, Anakin is a general and Cassian is a high-ranking intelligence officer. Anakin is stripped of his identity at twenty-three. Cassian is killed at twenty-six.

In life, Cassian never says or thinks anything like “it is too late for me.” But the underlying loathing of what he is, the belief that he has to keep going, keep working towards victory, or none of it meant anything—I think that’s pretty similar. The great difference there, aside of the basic reality that Vader’s desired end is dictatorship and Cassian’s liberty, is that Cassian understands exactly what he’s doing and what his motives are.

He is not actually okay with what he does. It’s pragmatically necessary, but he doesn’t take any of it lightly. He understands the weight of every mission, every death—feels that weight on his conscience.

Vader, I think, is too deep into apathy to feel one way or the other about it. He wants order and security, at any price, and I’m not sure he cares about anything else.

That is: Anakin is locked into denial and despair, while Cassian is the galaxy’s grimmest optimist. That changes everything. But there is a lot of underlying similarity there, nonetheless.


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