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Mar. 17th, 2017 09:29 pm
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I've been gleefully anticipating the release of the HD Rogue One, and now it's leaked and I just



My principal thoughts atm are

1) Jyn and Cassian really, really, really do not want to die. They range between determined, angry, and resigned, but mostly, they're scared. God. 

2) In furtherance of the 'they totally kissed on the elevator' theory, Jyn's arm is actually around Cassian's waist when they go into the elevator, and in the fragment when you see her face, her shoulders are level (she's seven inches shorter). But in the next flash, when we see his face, her arm is around his neck and he looks like he's lifting his head. QED KISSING

3) They get in each other's space even more than I remembered!! In general, he leans in and Jyn either stays where she is or tilts closer; occasionally it's aggressive, but most often, just seems sort of instinctive. 

4) When they hold hands on the beach, it's Jyn who reaches for him, rather tentatively; he instantly takes her hand.

5) In Cassian's introductory scene, he doesn't just tell his contact that everything's going to be fine, he's got a warm smile and reassuring look, I guess on the chance that Tivik looks at him. The expression instantly turns grim when he shoots him. We don't actually get the chance to see Cassian-faking-it much, considering he's a spy, since he's intensely authentic with Jyn and virtually all his screentime is with her. But he's an excellent actor.

6) I really like how they played Jyn's grief on hearing Galen's message. It is not pretty. 

7) I also love how incredibly hard Jyn is most of the time. There are definitely moments where she's not (and I love those too), but like, when Krennic goes down and she sees Cassian (alive! murdery!), her look is this kind of fascinating mix of relief and satisfaction. 

8) There are other characters in this movie, but I have much fewer opinions about them. Bodhi is really sweet and I wish we'd had more time with how he got from gibbering to more or less together, and more about Baze's quasi-apostasy. Chirrut and Baze are every bit as married as the fandom says and then some.


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