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Huh, some people keep asking me if I’m ever going to write a Cassian POV (understandably, since he’s my favourite! but Jyn is my second favourite and I like her more as a POV character). And while some things are slated for it in the future, I’ve been pretty “eh.”


I was trying to figure out a thing for the Rebelcaptain week (which I tragically missed both times T_T) and it just wasn’t working until I thought of doing a Cassian POV, and—

It's a blast! I am getting a huge kick out of it.

In fairness, that's partly because ... okay, in general I have an immense fondness for male characters who are !!!!!! at the amazingness of the woman they're interested in, and incredibly awkward in the expression of it but overflowing with respect (I like this in any configuration, but for obvious reasons it hits a particular note with m/f). So there's that.

But also there's the Han/Leia parallels, in which Jyn is the Han and Cassian is the Leia—he has a lot in common with Leia (she was even a covert agent originally!). And probably the most striking similarity is that they live and breathe the cause in this all-consuming way that blinds them to the concerns of actual people—individuals in the immediate sense rather than people en masse, systems of tyranny and the like. Including themselves! They both deal with extreme and ceaseless trauma by NOT NOW and are self-denying to an unhealthy (though often pragmatically necessary) degree. But for the same reason, they can also be insensitive and self-righteous.

And ... lol, writing someone who is at once selflessly devoted and deeply intolerant is really fun. All the more because there's a ton of attention paid to his ruthlessness (so many fics/discussions about Cassian gravitating to the morally dubious but dutiful/efficient option while Jyn is going That Is Wrong, there are no circumstances ever and no necessity we can do thing because it's Wrong, here is another, more virtuous way—which, ahhh, is not how I read their relationship or her character at all). But, anyway, I feel like there's much less focus on how it's rooted in that sense of righteousness; they've got this armour of pure conviction that can make them very harsh with others' frailties. 

It's not that ruthlessness is in itself natural to them (it's always conscious and deliberate for them, by contrast to people like Anakin and Luke, and at least for him, actually repugnant) or that they'd be drawn to it when there are other options. They definitely prefer other options! It's just that their conviction in their cause and in their own judgment is such that they'll both endure anything and do anything, and if the only choice is something terrible, then something terrible it is. There's this sharp blend of cold resolve and fiery zeal that I just ... find really fascinating.

And in a domestic context, the whiplash is weirdly funny to me—both "okay, fuck you" and the hearteyes.
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