Day 16

Nov. 14th, 2010 10:54 pm
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Day 16: What is your favourite planet?

I'll risk my 'raging OT purist' creds and say Coruscant.  The buildings looked awesome, the traffic looked awesome, the whole almost-certainly-impossible planet-wide-city thing looked awesome.  I loved Trantor and I love Coruscant, and I've always liked to think that Luke sets up shop in the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant and makes it better. 

<random headcanon>

Somehow, none of the ensuing governments (there are like ten) ever manage to dislodge him.  People who try end up lost, or unconscious, or missing limbs, or shot by an overzealous stormtrooper. 

The 501st doesn't deal well with the chaos of the post-Endor Empire, so they eventually just fall back on habit and show up saying HAIL LORD VADER.  Luke's pretty much ZOMG NO -- well, I'm sorry, but -- okay, just keep your blasters on stun, all right? -- fine, get me some droids and start scrubbing, I want to see my reflection in these floors -- and stop calling me that

So, by the time the Alliance takes over, there's got a fully restored Temple, a battalion of stormtroopers, a flourishing academy, and a handful of Jedi Knights who, as Jedi, haven't answered to any government -- ever.  There ... might be some slight conflicts.

</random headcanon>


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