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Thanks to a depressing conversation on Tumblr, I wanted a fic about them interacting. So I wrote one.

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Basically, it's a compressed, talky version of the stuff that I was thinking through with my Lothíriel fic all those years ago. This isn't that, I just got to thinking about it when I came across a random reference, and considering where my Lothíriel might have gotten all those seditious ideas from. :)

title: princes of the city
fanverse: canon, more or less

The Lady Ivriniel did not like the King. She did not pretend otherwise—to anything but grudging acknowledgment of his accomplishments, and would have considered it a deplorable weakness of character to let anyone think she approved of this upstart from the North. She only just refrained from muttering usurper under her breath every time his names were mentioned, and that—her kin suspected—sprang more from consideration for her sister-son than actual civility.

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[personal profile] wyncatastrophe  prompted me to write a fic about one of my anti-ships, and I don't think I anti-ship much more fervently than this one - inspired by a recent debate I peripherally participated in, but I've always hated this ship:

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Nov. 3rd, 2012 01:55 pm
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I got my Yuletide letter! I have no idea what to do! So, getting into the spirit of things, I wrote around three times the minimum requirement in the last twelve hours for something completely unrelated.

title: assurances of attachment (1/2)
verse: First Impressions! (always-a-girl!Darcy, always-a-boy!Elizabeth, spoilers for literally the entire fic)

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I'm still figuring out Day 3, so commentary on my serious business crack-premised fic.

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Someday, I will once again have it in me to write longfic without deadlines and art at the end, but today is not that day.

title: The Natural Daughter of Somebody
verse: Comforts and Consequences, I guess (canon compliant, ish)

notes: This, like the fic-about-Darcy-being-really-attractive, has a fairly cracky premise inspired largely by fandom, though any more details would be spoilery. Also, the protagonist here is a canon character.

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I really need something to distract me from my country's politics, so: trying to correctly format the last part here. Kind of weird to be done already - it felt so much longer when I was writing!

Also, the entire fic is at AO3 here.

title: The Imperial Menace (8/8)
verse: Lucy

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Oct. 2nd, 2012 06:37 pm
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I've looked through, and can't see that I ever posted this here, even though it's probably my favourite of my Austen fics. Though I imagine that says more about my tastes than anything else!

title: The Letters of Elizabeth Darcy (1796-1798)
verse: Comforts and Consequences (canon compliant epistolary sequel!)

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Eh, I'm a completist.

title: The Girl in the Iceberg (4/idk)
verse: Korra is the Avatar in the iceberg, the Water Tribe siblings who find her are Noatak and Tarrlok, and everything else leads to or follows from that

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Aaaaand, back to Star Wars. And eep, nearly done with this! It felt much longer when I was writing . :P

title: The Imperial Menace (7/8)
verse: Lucy

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Sep. 27th, 2012 04:20 pm
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I was looking for my most recent stories (since I'd invented an entirely different, even-more-elaborate verse before I ran away), and realized that one was under f-lock and the other had never been posted here at all. So, here's the first:

title: Ten Facts About Elizabeth Bennet
verse: Comforts and Consequences (i.e., canon-compliant, but also an internally consistent verse, hopefully)

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I don't remember if I ever posted these - I think I intended them as the beginning of a longer fic (lol), but it turns out to be one of my favourite things.

title: remains of attachment
verse: canon-compliant (the longer fic segued into a more elaborate P&P verse, but was also canon-compliant)

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A very short, vaguely cracky response to the fandom's fixation on Darcy's attractiveness. Not pointing fingers in this case (I am equally guilty! and it's not like there isn't some glorious female gazing going on in canon), but for some reason I felt it needed even more fic.

title: untitled (aka the fic all about Darcy being gorgeous)
verse: canon-compliant

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I had my first day of stats today. I have trouble hearing the prof or reading her handwriting, and I've forgotten just about everything from the prereq course, which I took TWO YEARS ago. Also, for some reason the sun turned a neon orange-red this morning. Second thought: 'what a strange atmospheric effect!' First thought: 'OMG WE'RE CHARN.'

Anyway, this chapter took ages to write, mostly because a good chunk of it comes straight from scenes that were actually filmed. One's a cut scene, but the rest (one pretty infamously) remain in the final cut.

title: The Imperial Menace (6/8)
verse: Lucy
notes/warnings: canonical incest vibes

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Ugh, my classes start tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get into a fourth one before then. I like psychology, but three psych classes is ... eh.

title: The Imperial Menace (5/8)
verse: Lucy

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Ugh, I submitted a story for publication. I'm pretty certain it won't be accepted (it's bizarre flash fiction and frankly not that good), but ... we'll see, I guess. I do have a massive quantity of unfinished original fiction to tinker with (basically just like my fanfic WIP pile, only FAR FAR MORE). Anyway, this chapter: some of you may have noticed that Wedge takes up Luke's roles in a couple of places, not just Lucy. This ends up having ... actual consequences. I was terribly excited! (Look, Ma! A change! Ooh, should I kill someone?)

The Imperial Menace (4/8)
verse: Lucy

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Vacation is awesome! I have to go crawling to the psychology department about financial aid, though. Ugh.

title: The Imperial Menace (3/8)
verse: Lucy

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I meant to spend all day writing. Instead, I spent all day playing GW2. Most addictive game ever.

title: The Imperial Menace (2/8)
verse: Lucy

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So I finished the Lucy sequel (oh right, it has a title now) a few days ago. Whew. So I'm going to try and post it over here relatively consistently, like I did for the original and Revenge last year.


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title: The Imperial Menace (1/8)
verse: Lucy!

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I'm polishing up the final draft of the Lucy sequel for tomorrow (!!!!!!), and yikes, I should never read ASOIAF while writing, ever. I don't usually try to emulate other authors' styles much, and particularly not with SW, but I unconsciously pick things up a bit, and I think the format just ... soaked in or something? I never do new-chapter-new-character! But I totally did that here, so it's ... pretty different from the first one. More like the ten facts one-shot, actually.

Also, I've been busy with my capstone project, and then I was terrified about it, but I got up the nerve to check my grades and I got an A. So ... I guess I have my English degree? I think it'll feel more real once all the paperwork goes through, but still, B.A. My undergrad days are nearly over!

Oh, and the brain candy fic.

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