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I just saw another of those endless inane articles about how Austen could never have imagined that Pride and Prejudice would be super famous, nobody could have imagined it!!!! humble little Aunt Jane, scribbling away, and now she’s—

Sure, the meek and/or acerbic spinster aunt working quietly away, underappreciated by the world, consumed by the Art, is a nice romantic story. But it’s not … you know, what actually happened.

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[Tumblr crosspost]

The TV Tropes page for Pride and Prejudice was looking like it had been cleaned up, apart from the insistence on the (imo superficial) interpretation that Elizabeth is genuinely indifferent to Darcy, and then

Oblivious to Love: Elizabeth initially has on idea that Darcy is interested in her and mistakes his interest as disapproval, which is justified given his unkind remarks at the first ball and tendency to stare at her without smiling.


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I grumped under f-lock awhile back about a really bizarre anon on Tumblr who interrogated me about why I think intent and mental capacity affect moral culpability. Some three or four asks later, I lost patience with them, but my original response is maybe relevant to people's interests here.

(The immediate context was Kylo Ren wank, but I largely bypassed that for LET'S TALK ABOUT ETHICS.)


Do you mind explaining what you mean about diminished capacity? I have a hard time getting where it matters. Even if the intent is not the same the end result doesn't change. In order to not excuse it, they both need to be treated the same.. I don't get how diminished capacity would make Kylo Ren somehow less immoral than Hux. He still did those things. Some things cannot be made up for.


The concept that intent does not alter the morality of crime is … completely contrary to how criminal law works. And most systems of ethics.

I’m a lot more interested in ethics than further villain wank, which I feel I have very thoroughly addressed, so I’m talking about the role of intent and capacity in morality here.

TW for murder, torture, rape, suicide, and disassociative depression/mania

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An anon at Tumblr asked me why so many people feel that Kylo Ren absolutely cannot be redeemed. There's been a lot of wank and a lot of nonsense about it, of course, but I tried for a good faith response.

There are … various reasons, and I’ve gotten into a lot of the nonsensical ones before. However, I do think there is one perfectly legitimate one.

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landofalwayswinter on Tumblr asked:

Did Padme's family know she had kids? I know she looked pregnant in the funeral scene but her and Anakin were Secret Married so idk. Would Padme's family accept that Luke and Leia are her kids? You have the best Star Wars meta btw :3

My response:

Thanks :)

They met Anakin and clearly realized that he and Padmé were in the process of getting romantically involved, even if they didn’t know about the secret marriage. The mere fact of being Skywalkers born on the day of Padmé’s death is suggestive enough. Once the death of the Emperor destroys the need for secrecy, I imagine those basic Wikipedia profile facts would become pretty widely known to anyone. The Naberries might very well guess at the truth before Luke and Leia themselves.

Even if not, the GFFA canonically has blood testing technology. They use it to test Anakin’s midichlorians in TPM. It’s not much of a stretch to think they could do basic genetic testing.

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I feel that P&P adaptations in general really don’t get the pacing of Darcy’s letter.

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An anon on Tumblr asked:

What are your thoughts on the situation where shippers are accused of being racist for not shipping Rey and Finn? Personally I'd ship Finn with both Poe and Rey and I'd be happy if either was canon. But how can it be racist to ship a mixed race same same couple? That doesn't even make any sense. Either couple would be groundbreaking and both are clearly healthy ships between friends. What's to hate about either of them? Is this just another symptom of a crazy ship war? Or something more?

My response:

Just another symptom, though of something bigger than any one fandom.

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An anon on Tumblr asked:

I told my friend my head canon about Rey possibly not being her actual name, and that her mind may have been wiped to a degree, which is why she may have forgotten. My friend immediately said Jedi (and the like) have never been able to mind wipe in the movies, so my theory isn't plausible without changing canon to suit this theory. So, is this true? Have force users ever been able to mind wipe etc or is this a power never established within the films? I can't remember but I'd bet you'd know :)

My response:

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Awhile back, I was struggling with a quandary that only emerged as I tried to write my doomed-to-Jossing fic, but which had definitely been floating around the back of my mind for awhile. I wrote a post about it, but the short version:

1. Luke being absent is a huge deal, particularly for Leia. All indication is that he was very, very present in the family, and his disappearance was one of the ways the family fell apart in the wake of Ben's fall.
2. Sending Ben away--to Luke--was, also, a huge deal that estranged him from his parents.

If Luke being absent is so drastic a shift for the family, it seems strange that turning Ben over to Luke would also be a drastic shift.

Buuuut, now that I've finally got my greedy hands on the script, I think it actually does make sense, and fits well with what I was vaguely envisioning.

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I am sure I've ranted about this at some point in the past, but some very well-intentioned responses to something almost completely unrelated set me off, and I went for full-blown meta.

tl;dr - Mr Bennet being awful in his own way doesn't make Mrs Bennet any better

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Ugh, Tumblr. My dash is wall to wall beautiful art, shipping/stanning wank, and thousands of notes a day, which is nice (well, except the wank) but also makes it easy for the blue hellbox to swallow me up again.

Anyway, a friend over there asked me for my thoughts on his redemption arc, and... I have some. 

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I’m trying to work out timelines to build up an inevitably-to-be-Jossed headcanon, and I keep running into a lot of uncertainty about Luke.

TFA spoilers under the cut! 

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There is something I somehow never considered in my 10+ years of high intensity Darcy stanning!

I talked about this on Tumblr and ... uh, Facebook (all my second cousins needed to know!), but probably the best place for it is actually here. And then, since it's dreamwidth, I kept going :)

It's long and rambly, so short version: Pemberley as described should generate far more than ten thousand a-year, so either 1) Darcy is the most generous man alive, 2) the reports of his income are all wrong, or 3) he inherited some serious problems.

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Nov. 23rd, 2015 08:53 pm
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For [personal profile] sathari , my meta about Aragorn as an A+ Machiavellian prince.

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This isn't nearly a decade late or anything! It basically consists of a good portion of my posts at Emyn Arnen and Men of Gondor, sadly inaccessible though they are. So, for anyone who might not know (somehow): I do not like Faramir in the movies, and this is mostly an exploration of their differences from that perspective. I tried to avoid bashing, but eh. It’s also really long, much longer than I originally expected. You can watch/listen to the whole thing here.

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Obviously, sexism influences fans and fannish practices, but I think it’s ridiculously disingenuous to suggest that internalized misogyny is the only force at work. I don’t always want to brace myself for my entertainment; it’s common to say, “[x] is my life, of course it comes with me” - I’ve said it myself, and it’s true to some extent, but sometimes I do want to just set it aside and not feel like I have firecrackers going off in my brain for a few hours.

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Another thing I've been meaning to do for [community profile] month_of_meta . though it's a bit less structured than I planned!

Off-Tumblr, the question I probably get asked the most often is “have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? What did you think?”

I think it’s okay. During the first half, when I liked it the most, I can’t help but notice that something I seemed to be saying quite a bit was “I really like xyz, Elizabeth’s a bit off but she always is, and these other things are so great.” Towards the end, I found myself saying, “I don’t like xyz AT ALL and Lizzie is really starting to bother me now.”

But really, it wasn’t Lizzie-as-Lizzie that bothered me. It was Lizzie-as-Elizabeth, and without getting into too much detail, it’s the same thing that bothers me about how Elizabeth is often adapted, whether in fic or adaptations or lit-crit. When Elizabeth is just another figure in the line of feisty heroines, largely or entirely undistinguished from the others, her anger and defiance become the cornerstones of her character; often they become her entire character.

And the thing is, Elizabeth’s anger - when she feels it - is very real. And her defiance of various other people, most of whom have either institutional power or personal power over her, is real. But those things are only a small part of her inner life. Here are some others that seem to get overlooked.

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I didn't sign up for [community profile] month_of_meta , but I did want to do something, preferably several somethings, as they occurred to me. A lot of this is probably familiar to my f-list (I originally did it on Tumblr), but I think it's worth repeating a few dozen times :)

disclaimer: it doesn’t mean your fic is terrible badwrong if you don’t do these things or that nobody likes it or that your fic is even not good or that I am a perfect Georgian-period Austen fanwriter who has followed this to the letter from seventeen onwards, it’s just stuff that makes me (and most of my friends, but don’t worry, I’m not a BNF), more likely to read. Also, I tried to list things that are helpful for fic based on any of the novels, but the examples are from P&P since that’s like 95% of the fandom.

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