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[personal profile] wyncatastrophe  prompted me to write a fic about one of my anti-ships, and I don't think I anti-ship much more fervently than this one - inspired by a recent debate I peripherally participated in, but I've always hated this ship:

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A very short, vaguely cracky response to the fandom's fixation on Darcy's attractiveness. Not pointing fingers in this case (I am equally guilty! and it's not like there isn't some glorious female gazing going on in canon), but for some reason I felt it needed even more fic.

title: untitled (aka the fic all about Darcy being gorgeous)
verse: canon-compliant

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I clearly do not have an essay on Eliza Haywood to write. La!


Title: First Impressions (10/13, 11/13)

Fanverse: First Impressions

Blurb: awkward meeting is awkward, the Gardiner-Darcy mutual admiration society is formed, and apparently I am super ambiguous about Henry's opinion of Catherine.


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Title: Through A Glass, Darkly

Fanverse: The Quality of Mercy; Through A Glass, Darkly; Revenge of the Jedi, sort of

Blurb: Leia gets her chance to deal with her heritage. In baby-steps.

Pairings/warnings: No pairings; original character; so AU of my AU (Revenge of the Jedi) that it's canon-compliant; a challenge to myself to get two characters who, properly, could never, ever meet into the same scene.

Length: one-shot/double-drabble, kinda (272 words)


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I've discovered that I don't hate religion, per se, just mine. Um, yay.

But seriously. A teacher explaining that there has only ever been one universally accepted model of marriage until now as the lesson to be learned from Abraham's family is so horrifically wrong that, in retrospect, it starts coming around the other side. That family tree is the simplified version I made to help me sort out the main characters. Now I wish I'd drawn it on the board.


Title: First Impressions (8/13, 9/13)

Fanverse: First Impressions

Blurb: Henry finishes his trip to Hunsford, discusses the fallout with Jane, then goes with the Gardiners to Pemberley and gets another harsh dose of reality.


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Oh look, another acewank. Fail on both sides this time, hurrah, and the strangely inevitable discussions with non-asexuals taking it upon themselves to define asexuality for reals, and some aces rushing in to cry 'but we're not the bad ones!' while others try to take epic levels in douchebaggery, and something about how how non-asexual people are really just like demis. Apparently, non-asexual people customarily feel no sexual attraction whatsoever until they're well into a relationship. Uh, the more you know, I guess.

There's a cool-looking fic meme (that maybe two people will respond to, heh), but... I actually need to write, so I'm not going to do it yet. However, gdocs is down, so I'll do another with a clear conscience.

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Nothing much important today, except I wrote over two thousand words of Revenge. It's probably a bit indulgent, but I'm actually pleased - I've managed to get the PT alternate canon in through occasional exposition and Luke's Jedi training (current unit: clairvoyance). In some ways, it's almost more about the alt!backstory than about the present; the sequel will probably focus more on the present-day characters, but there's a lot to set up. Anyway, I'm a bit gleeful because I managed to include my OFC even though she's been dead for twenty years, hint at the Anakin/OFC pairing, and more than hint at Bail/Padmé.

Come at me, Mary Sue paranoia.

Leia's plotline is finally settling into place, too; I should be able to end this with the coronation like I wanted, even though it wreaks some havoc on the rest of the outline, and fanwank her unexplained loss of authority in ROTJ. Without actually doing to her what ROTJ did. Hint: my post on the slave Leia debate is a pretty strong clue of what doesn't happen. She's not going to end up General Solo's soldier girl, either.

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So, a while ago -- a long while ago -- I gave permission for some of my stories to be translated into Russian.  I will say upfront that I've been informed that they're quite good translations, and that I'm sure this reflects more on Google Translate than my translator.

I was trying to find an issue of fandom_news that inexplicably included a post of mine, and instead stumbled across the translations of my stories.  Google obligingly offered to translate them back into English, so I clicked and...


(Tragically, I was in the computer lab at the time, so I couldn't laugh aloud.  I was actually shaking and crying by the time I got done.)

For general edification (and possibly warning), here are some choice excerpts:


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We all have a personal canon -- the X that exists in our heads, with all the little additions and details our minds supply.  Sort of like fanon, but for one person instead of a weird fandom virus.  So, for Pride and Prejudice, this is mine:
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I've been poring over P&P, searching for letters for the present draft, and considering how to recreate --er, everything -- in the next.  For me, fanfic is just analysis in narrative form.  (Crossed that out because analysis is awesome.  And mixing the interpretative experience with the creative is also awesome.)  Bad fanfic, as opposed to sheer bad writing, is bad analysis.  By its nature it comments on the text - e.g., an AP says "this could have worked too! (and maybe better)," an AU says "in this situation, the character(s) would have acted like this," a prequel says "this could have happened before the story" and so on. 

The same goes for my fics, of course, and the ones I dislike the most tend to be the ones where I go "... you know, I don't really believe this myself."  All fiction calls for willing suspension of disbelief.  Fanfic too!  And if the suspension cords start breaking all over the place, it's my fault.  

So, since this is my first attempt at a fully alternate-storyline P&P fic, I've been reading P&P.  Over and over.  Seeing what leaps out, etc etc.  And as I've been planning and writing, some ideas have leapt out, which I find mildly interesting.

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I cannot say how many times I have heard certain fanon "facts" about appearance repeated over and over - and they're not just popular and prevalent, like a good deal of fanon, either.  With appearance, people will actually insist that they're what Austen/the book says.  e.g., Jane is listed under the TV Tropes entry "Hair of Gold," with this explanation:

Following the frequent book descriptions as 'fair-haired', in the two most recent film adaptations of Pride And Prejudice, the prettiest (and most innocent) daughter, Jane, is a blonde 

It's stretched far beyond purely Internet fanon, too:  Colin Firth's hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes were actually dyed for the 1995 P&P; blonde Jennifer Ehle wore a dark wig for Elizabeth and even Susannah Harker's naturally blonde hair was lightened.  Mary got spots, and Mr Collins grease.  The 2005 P&P likewise gave Keira Knightley a wig much darker than her naturally light brown/dark blonde hair, and Matthew Macfadyen insisted that he wasn't dark enough to physically resemble Austen's Darcy.

So, given the rampant assumptions and clichés, I decided to track down what canon actually tells (or more often, doesn't tell) us about what the characters look like.

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I've always wondered what exactly went on when Lady Catherine told Darcy about her meeting with Elizabeth. There are a lot of versions of that scene, but none hit quite right. Mostly, they took a serious approach to a scene I'd always imagined as absolutely hysterical. So, with no further ado...

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