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caerrigor at Tumblr asked:

Have you ever seen people explain why they think Kylo Ren is a whiny entitled MRA dudebro? Because I feel like I've only seen them take it as read and go from there.

The closest things I’ve seen to reasons are

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At Tumblr, I responded to a conversation about how TFA creates a completely different experience if you know the wider context from the novelization/script/interviews.

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An anon at Tumblr asked me why so many people feel that Kylo Ren absolutely cannot be redeemed. There's been a lot of wank and a lot of nonsense about it, of course, but I tried for a good faith response.

There are … various reasons, and I’ve gotten into a lot of the nonsensical ones before. However, I do think there is one perfectly legitimate one.

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An anon on Tumblr asked:

I told my friend my head canon about Rey possibly not being her actual name, and that her mind may have been wiped to a degree, which is why she may have forgotten. My friend immediately said Jedi (and the like) have never been able to mind wipe in the movies, so my theory isn't plausible without changing canon to suit this theory. So, is this true? Have force users ever been able to mind wipe etc or is this a power never established within the films? I can't remember but I'd bet you'd know :)

My response:

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 I've been on Tumblr (still hideously addictive, despite working even less well than usual), but not doing much ... productive isn't really the word I want to use for "how I spend my free time on the Internet," so, um--not doing much substantive. Finals and then Christmas! 

(I had to fail several students :\)


Not really spoilery, but belatedly cutting just in case )


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