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I've heard that people were complaining that the benevolent Jyn of Forces of Destiny is OOC because she's so selfish or some nonsense, and ... yeah, bullshit. 

Jyn lives a lot in her head—she gets portrayed as a lot more overtly aggressive and emotionally-driven than I think she is—and her conscious approach to the world is definitely one of self-preservation. (Some of this is pure survival, but that's a tangent.) But when she does act without thinking, her instincts are heroic, without any regard for her own safety. She rushes into the crossfire to protect the little girl on Jedha, she flings herself in front of Kay (of all people) at the sign of danger, she rushes down to find her father in the midst of Imperial troops, knowing that a sniper rifle is trained on the area (not as purely disinterested, but still disregarding her own safety).

So, nah, Jyn impulsively flipping into helping a sad kid+fucking up Imperials is completely consistent with her character in the movie. Personally, I assumed from her unhesitating heroism on Jedha (...and her rap sheet) that she would have been doing that sort of thing all along—not constantly, but regularly. For all the HOW DARE around her, she's honestly pretty good-natured.

Also, favourite epiphany of the week? FoD!Jyn is wearing the clothes she picked up at Yavin 4, specifically the scarf she wears on Jedha. Not only is it consistent with her character in the movie, it happens during the movie. Cassian and Kay are just out of sight somewhere!

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This isn't fic -- I'm going to try and post Lucy in a few chunks, starting tomorrow, and then move on to First Impressions. No, this is just me complaining about a trope I hate, with respect to one of the Star Wars expanded universe's novels and Pride and Prejudice. (Doesn't everyone think of these things together?)

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I've been meaning to do this for awhile, and I guess -- here goes.

Ten Things George Lucas Has Said That Don't Fill My Soul With Rage

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Title: Revenge of the Jedi (3/17)

Fanverse: Revenge of the Jedi

Blurb: Luke becomes more adept with the Force and starts experimenting. Also, moar backstory!


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