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title: reyes (2/??, haha I thought it'd be out of two I never learn)
verse: general headcanon; at this point I think it's strictly compliant with *squints* Distaff Lines + Ends of Smoky Days, Proper Names and mother tongue; up the waterspout; too late to go back to sleep; the first day and still the stars find their way; Reasonable Sacrifice; and Jedi Knight (anonymous review) + Reflections on the Vader Question. (tbh I thought there would be like three of these and progressively realized I've accumulated a little universe.)

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...least of all with a teaching job and two grad classes, but there was no way backstory headcanon TFA fic wasn't going to happen.

title: reyes (1/2 or so)
verse: shares some of my old headcanon, but this part is mostly just tiny Ben and his OT3 parents mother, father, and uncle dealing with canonical stuff. Also fluff, mostly, but with references to (canon) genocide.

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Oh look, another acewank. Fail on both sides this time, hurrah, and the strangely inevitable discussions with non-asexuals taking it upon themselves to define asexuality for reals, and some aces rushing in to cry 'but we're not the bad ones!' while others try to take epic levels in douchebaggery, and something about how how non-asexual people are really just like demis. Apparently, non-asexual people customarily feel no sexual attraction whatsoever until they're well into a relationship. Uh, the more you know, I guess.

There's a cool-looking fic meme (that maybe two people will respond to, heh), but... I actually need to write, so I'm not going to do it yet. However, gdocs is down, so I'll do another with a clear conscience.

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So, this is an interquel to my fic Distaff Lines (which was itself constructed out of my incoherent NaNo draft), and probably doesn't make much any sense without it. Also, lots of drama and tragedy and bad things in general.


Title: Ends of Smoky Days

Fanverse: Distaff Lines (canon-compliant)

Blurb: Shmi endures.

Pairings/warnings: genocide, enslavement, implied future rape

Length: 896 words


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So, I got last quarter's grades back.  Two were A's; one was ... mediocre.  Therefore, I consider myself equipped to offer advice on the subject to the interwebs:

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Title: Distaff Lines (2/3)

Fanverse: headcanon!land, though technically it could be canon-compliant (I think?) 

Blurb:  Beru liked Shmi.

Pairings/Warnings: even more heavy on the personal canon; still no men whatsoever

Length: 1151 words


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As in, "I'm going to Bechdel this canon."  (For which genius idea I must credit hele.)

Towards the end of October, I decided to write a deliberately Bechdel-passing SW fic.  read the largely unnecessary introduction here ... )


Title: Distaff Lines (1/3)

Fanverse: This one doesn't actively contradict canon ... but I definitely had my headcanon in mind when I wrote it, Discontinuity Bin and all.

Blurb:  The petulance is strong in their family.

Pairings/Warnings: Force-sensitive!Shmi, OFCs, elaborate personal canon, NO MEN AT ALL

Length: 867 words


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