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May. 3rd, 2016 09:48 pm
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I stole it from [personal profile] tree , because I want to feel accomplished despite having not written anything. (And also, I'm procrastinating on reading the second half of Mill on the Floss, which scarred me in my sensitive adolescence.)

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I just posted the forty-fifth chapter of my longfic.

This is just ... what??? I myself am wondering if I'm a Pod Person! Where did I find the discipline for forty-five chapters of anything??? My own original novel is barely into its eighth, and my longest fic before this was ... I think around 80k, and written in a 2.5-month manic haze.

Now that I think of it, though, wgdots is really the opposite: written with mania-depression dialed far down care of proper treatment. And accomplishing something like this through discipline and work is really much more satisfying than something that's more like a chemical spill. 

Apparently, all I needed was murder, incest, politics, and very extended family drama with borderline OCs. And Lamictal!


AO3 meme

Nov. 5th, 2015 07:10 pm
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Long day (short version: nothing is wrong with my brain, my neck is alarmingly straight) so - a meme!

Stolen from [personal profile] sixbeforelunch (hi *waves*).

Account Created: 19 November 2009, care of [personal profile] hl, back when men were men, women were women, and closed betas were closed betas
Link to AO3: anghraine
Total Works: 151, but this is a lie, there are more on Tumblr that I haven't gotten around to crossposting

Total Wordcount: 675,856. um.
Average Wordcount: 4,476
Longest Story: we get dark, only to shine (140k WIP for The Borgias, incest/murder/blasphemy/underage/historical inaccuracy/don't click if you still had a good opinion of me)
Shortest Story: Real Mothers (48, SW one-shot, and wow, I seriously need to get the Tumblr scraps up)

Total Kudos: 6,872
Average Kudos: 45
Story With the Most Kudos: we get dark only to shine, though I haven't even checked. Let's see--yep. 703.

Total Comment Threads: 621
Average Comment Threads: 5
Story With the Most Comment Threads: I'm sorry.

Total Author Subscriptions: 102
Total Story Subscriptions: 404
Story With the Most Subscriptions: it turns out Pope Alexander was Catholic (151).

Total Bookmarks: 1,230.
Story With the Most Bookmarks: guess (104). Wait, I thought that had, like, 75--ohhh, that's including the hidden ones. Heh, I have ascended to problematic fave!

Stories With No Comments or Kudos: none =)


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