Jul. 29th, 2017 12:29 am
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Per ardua ad astra just passed 60k (I think it's around 62k), which kind of stuns me just on the face of it, but especially considering that I've dedicated a significant amount of time to another AU (which is currently at *squints* 18k).

Like, I've been working on ad astra for seven months, and it's longer than all the Lucyverse fics combined! If AO3 is to be trusted, it's the longest individual fic I've written after wgdots, and it's 2nd or 3rd for kudos, comments, bookmarks, etc. Out of everything I've written, ever, which would be... 168 fics, not counting the ones I never crossposted. o_O

It continues to be really fun to have something where people respond and talk to me and there's constant encouragement without guilt trips, and doubly so in this context. I mean, it's not even remotely the most popular fic in the fandom, so it's not like I have to feel uncomfortably BNF-ish! But pretty surreal, all the same. Especially as—I do love ad astra, but it's not even my personal favourite of my RO fics. And yet, here we are.

(My ultra-revised chapters go on Dreamwidth, eventually. Honestly, my biggest hurdle is ... I haven't been able to find many Jyn/Cassian icons to post with. I am really that petty.)
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