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At Tumblr, I received a submission from someone called Fladow, in response to this post:

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Things are going pretty well!

- I mentioned some trouble with my bff under f-lock, but he hasn't hinted at any issues, so that's good. 

- I also got sucked back into Game of Thrones this season—not in a fic/meta way, but in a reading lots of fic and reblogging things way

- Suppressing the urge to respond to every 'yeah pretty much except *quibble*' to a LOK post with NO YOU'RE WRONG THIS IS WHY. But I stand by my opinion that a) Korra was completely justified in her anger at Tonraq and Tenzin in S2, b) Korra was completely unjustified in her treatment of Mako at the same time, c) lighting unarmed people on fire is always morally dubious, d) LOK fandom was absurdly awful in their interpretations of S1-S2, and e) a lot of that came down to ill-advised pacing and structure in those seasons. WE WILL NEVER AGREE ABOUT THIS THERE IS NO POINT. 

- I followed a long-time supportive follower who turns out to be into a lot of the same things and also a SJ person taking on the extremes of SJ Tumblr. She reblogs and writes a lot of anti-gatekeeping, so I've ended up reading and appreciating those, but it also introduced me to the fuckery of 'SGA' rhetoric, which as an ace lesbian raised Mormon is ... not a trigger per se, but certainly viscerally repulsive. So I've ranted about that a bit. I'm honestly very, very relieved that everyone I know (and some I don't) have been supportive about it because THE FUCK???? (I'm also annoyed as a quietly androgynous person, but the Actual Conversion Therapy Term component kiiiinda overwhelms everything else.)

- Practicing my Spanish on Duolingo, this involves occasional screaming. LOOK LA AMO IS COMPLETELY LEGIT.

- istg I will finish the already-late chapter of my longfic (we get dark, only to shine, my Very Problematic and yet also very pretentious Borgias fic)
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Ugh, Tumblr. My dash is wall to wall beautiful art, shipping/stanning wank, and thousands of notes a day, which is nice (well, except the wank) but also makes it easy for the blue hellbox to swallow me up again.

Anyway, a friend over there asked me for my thoughts on his redemption arc, and... I have some. 

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Obviously, sexism influences fans and fannish practices, but I think it’s ridiculously disingenuous to suggest that internalized misogyny is the only force at work. I don’t always want to brace myself for my entertainment; it’s common to say, “[x] is my life, of course it comes with me” - I’ve said it myself, and it’s true to some extent, but sometimes I do want to just set it aside and not feel like I have firecrackers going off in my brain for a few hours.

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Eh, I'm a completist.

title: The Girl in the Iceberg (4/idk)
verse: Korra is the Avatar in the iceberg, the Water Tribe siblings who find her are Noatak and Tarrlok, and everything else leads to or follows from that

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I'm polishing up the final draft of the Lucy sequel for tomorrow (!!!!!!), and yikes, I should never read ASOIAF while writing, ever. I don't usually try to emulate other authors' styles much, and particularly not with SW, but I unconsciously pick things up a bit, and I think the format just ... soaked in or something? I never do new-chapter-new-character! But I totally did that here, so it's ... pretty different from the first one. More like the ten facts one-shot, actually.

Also, I've been busy with my capstone project, and then I was terrified about it, but I got up the nerve to check my grades and I got an A. So ... I guess I have my English degree? I think it'll feel more real once all the paperwork goes through, but still, B.A. My undergrad days are nearly over!

Oh, and the brain candy fic.

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The second-to-last scene is drawn exactly from the picture that inspired the prompt that inspired the fic. The last scene is one of the "certain details" I mentioned last time--when I got to thinking about the nuts and bolts of the AU world, I realized some things would inevitably be involved, and two of those things took me from "ooh, cool, I want to write that eventually" to "A;DKFJA;DKJF;DKJF;LKDJF WRITING NOW OMG OMG." This is the first one. :D

title: the girl in the iceberg (2/ahahahaha)
verse: Korra is the Avatar in the iceberg, the Water Tribe siblings who find her are Noatak and Tarrlok, and everything else leads to or follows from that; references to canon child abuse

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It's not genderswap! I stumbled across an awesome prompt at ficbending based on an awesome picture and (ignoring the prompter's suggestions) promptly found myself coming up with an elaborate AU universe. And once certain details presented themselves to me, I had to go ahead with writing it. I am determined to get to some kind of conclusion, and trying to update (if briefly) as regularly as I have time for, so it's all good.

title: the girl in the iceberg (1/idk)
verse: Korra is the Avatar in the iceberg, the Water Tribe siblings who find her are Noatak and Tarrlok, and everything else leads to or follows from that; (obvious) character death

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Yay, I can tag with impunity!

This is sort of a continuation of the Noatak-and-Tarrlok meta I wrote awhile back, though it’s not required reading or anything. To sum up, I argued that gentle, cowed young Tarrlok—>slippery Councilman Tarrlok and protective, power-hungry Noatak—>fearless zealot Amon make more interesting and more credible arcs than the fandom-preferred scenario of prodigy!Tarrlok and sweet!Noatak would have.

I haven’t changed my mind about that. I really do think Tarrlok’s backstory, as is, provides a more intuitive base for the adult Noatak and Tarrlok than we’d get with a reversal of their roles. I also think, though, that Tarrlok’s overall arc is … somewhat erratic. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say that Tarrlok’s backstory isn’t Tarrlok’s backstory at all. It’s Noatak’s backstory, as witnessed by Tarrlok.

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Yup, still coordinating with my tumblr stuff--

It’s starting to seem like I’m the only person who thinks the Equalist movement most likely would collapse after the events of the finale. Now, agitation for non-bender civil rights might (or might not) continue to be a thing, but the Equalists specifically? Nah, I think they’re pretty much over.

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[Spoilers, obviously.]

Okay, so most people seem to have liked the Noatak-and-Tarrlok part of the finale, even if they hated the rest. There’s a lot of “I loved the finale, especially Tarrlok and Noatak’s story” or “the finale/season sucked, except Tarrlok and Noatak’s story,” or “I’m mostly meh about it, except Tarrlok and Noatak’s story, duh.”

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Here there be spoilers!

title: epiphany

characters: Noatak, Tarrlok

rating: G?

stuff that happens: Tarrlok, alone in his cell, recognizes Amon’s bloodbending.


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