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... but there are a few of you not there/less comfortable there, so for the sake of completeness:

If, theoretically, I were to try and finish a segment of one of my projects, would you want it to be:

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If I were to finish a segment of one of my projects, which would you want it to be?

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The Jedi and the Sith Lord (Star Wars | f!Luke AU)
6 (85.7%)

we get dark, only to shine (The Borgias | Cesare/Lucrezia S1 AU)
1 (14.3%)

tolerably well acquainted (P&P | Darcy/Elizabeth, canon-compliant | E's feelings at Pemberley onwards)
0 (0.0%)

pro patria (Guild Wars 2 | mostly canon-compliant Ascalonian fic)
0 (0.0%)

each new arrival (The Borgias | Vanozza gen)
0 (0.0%)

Lady of the City (LOTR | f!Faramir AU)
1 (14.3%)

0 (0.0%)


- J&SL
- wgdots
- tolerably well acquainted
- pro patria
- each new arrival
- LotC
- Other: recent projects here, general fic discussion here


Jul. 17th, 2016 07:31 pm
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I answered a Borgias ask with excited babbling, per the usual, and a couple of people clearly started running through my tag. Occasionally people apologize for a cavalcade of likes out of nowhere, but I'm always very charmed by it.

(It does seem to happen way more for the Borgias than anything else. Such is the curse of medium-sized fandoms!)

Anyway, they liked this photoset, and I honestly think it might be my all time favourite of mine. I am SO grudgy about people who sneer at the show without appearing to grasp the concept of adaptation, then attribute this level of devotion to "well, they had a big budget." For television, it was pretty big, yes—and no, you don't automatically get something that looks like this by throwing money at it. They earned their Emmy, dammit.

aw, shit

Jul. 1st, 2016 08:36 pm
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The Borgias political AU is going to be a thing. I don't know what level of thing, but ... a Thing.

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Jun. 30th, 2016 06:24 pm
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I'm trying to finish the month-late chapter of we get dark, only to shine, but I'm enjoying the current plotbunny SO MUCH.

Again, if you're on Tumblr you already know, but the omnipresence in Borgias fandom of business and/or organized crime US-modern AUs + the shitshow of US politics rn got me thinking that politician!Borgias would be a near perfect fit. For one, they were primarily political figures irl, and some of Alexander VI's most unpopular actions:

1. Accepting large numbers of refugees (from the Inquisition)
2. Speaking Spanish (at court)
3. Ignoring traditional policy (esp in terms of nepotism)
4. Expanding papal authority

That would fit exactly???? into US politics at this moment. It would fit into a lot of people's politics, really, but the prevalence of US moderns is where the idea came from and what I know best, so. And it's just so easy to make it work. Like.

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Things are going pretty well!

- I mentioned some trouble with my bff under f-lock, but he hasn't hinted at any issues, so that's good. 

- I also got sucked back into Game of Thrones this season—not in a fic/meta way, but in a reading lots of fic and reblogging things way

- Suppressing the urge to respond to every 'yeah pretty much except *quibble*' to a LOK post with NO YOU'RE WRONG THIS IS WHY. But I stand by my opinion that a) Korra was completely justified in her anger at Tonraq and Tenzin in S2, b) Korra was completely unjustified in her treatment of Mako at the same time, c) lighting unarmed people on fire is always morally dubious, d) LOK fandom was absurdly awful in their interpretations of S1-S2, and e) a lot of that came down to ill-advised pacing and structure in those seasons. WE WILL NEVER AGREE ABOUT THIS THERE IS NO POINT. 

- I followed a long-time supportive follower who turns out to be into a lot of the same things and also a SJ person taking on the extremes of SJ Tumblr. She reblogs and writes a lot of anti-gatekeeping, so I've ended up reading and appreciating those, but it also introduced me to the fuckery of 'SGA' rhetoric, which as an ace lesbian raised Mormon is ... not a trigger per se, but certainly viscerally repulsive. So I've ranted about that a bit. I'm honestly very, very relieved that everyone I know (and some I don't) have been supportive about it because THE FUCK???? (I'm also annoyed as a quietly androgynous person, but the Actual Conversion Therapy Term component kiiiinda overwhelms everything else.)

- Practicing my Spanish on Duolingo, this involves occasional screaming. LOOK LA AMO IS COMPLETELY LEGIT.

- istg I will finish the already-late chapter of my longfic (we get dark, only to shine, my Very Problematic and yet also very pretentious Borgias fic)

Hits meme!

May. 3rd, 2016 09:48 pm
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I stole it from [personal profile] tree , because I want to feel accomplished despite having not written anything. (And also, I'm procrastinating on reading the second half of Mill on the Floss, which scarred me in my sensitive adolescence.)

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I just posted the forty-fifth chapter of my longfic.

This is just ... what??? I myself am wondering if I'm a Pod Person! Where did I find the discipline for forty-five chapters of anything??? My own original novel is barely into its eighth, and my longest fic before this was ... I think around 80k, and written in a 2.5-month manic haze.

Now that I think of it, though, wgdots is really the opposite: written with mania-depression dialed far down care of proper treatment. And accomplishing something like this through discipline and work is really much more satisfying than something that's more like a chemical spill. 

Apparently, all I needed was murder, incest, politics, and very extended family drama with borderline OCs. And Lamictal!



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