Jul. 11th, 2016

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I just saw another of those endless inane articles about how Austen could never have imagined that Pride and Prejudice would be super famous, nobody could have imagined it!!!! humble little Aunt Jane, scribbling away, and now she’s—

Sure, the meek and/or acerbic spinster aunt working quietly away, underappreciated by the world, consumed by the Art, is a nice romantic story. But it’s not … you know, what actually happened.

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Jul. 11th, 2016 06:33 pm
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I was talking a bit on Tumblr about the state agency's unforgivably awful treatment of my foster sister wrt our family, and it came to a head today.

To roughly summarize: they decided my sister's problems make her too great a liability in a home (as opposed to consistently maintaining her necessary services, GOD FORBID) and today they took her away to be effectively institutionalized for at least a few months to determine her level of danger. However, my sister left a letter for my mother that made it clear (when discussed with the caseworker) that at least some of this is a lie, though at this point everyone has been told that it's temporary. My sister was also emphatically upbeat the whole time, except when she hugged me and quickly hid that she was crying. Which ... okay!! Constant delegitimization of our families is fine and has no consequences!!!

So. If you run over anything nice today, feel free to throw a link my way.


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