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I've been enjoying seeing the stuff out of Celebration on my dash (except the quasi-canonization of Thrawn, BOO HISS—but as long as they keep him out of the films, I'm good). Jyn Erso's grim-determined-insouciant smile is like ... my entire sexuality in a second, haha.

I'm also glad about the Ahsoka stuff for TCW/Rebels people! And Mark Hamill has been endlessly charming.

It's bittersweet for me, personally, because my sister is a massive Star Wars fan. It's the first remotely complex story I was able to introduce to her—she has some pretty severe developmental and mental disabilities, and we were told she'd never be able to read or follow the plot of a movie or anything. And she glommed onto it like nothing else, and asked about the Han and Jabba scene in ANH (all I have is the Special Edition)—she thought something about it didn't fit. She loves the prequels; Anakin/Vader is her favourite, though she also loves Padmé, Luke, and Leia. And she adored TFA, and came out of the theatre struggling between loving Kylo and loving Rey. 

(She's in good company, obviously, though I kept her the hell away from the fandom for obvious reasons.)

Anyway, SW has been a bonding thing between the two of us, and I'm the one who tells her the info that gets dropped and shows her the trailers and whatnot. So seeing it all without her around is like ... still very cool, but bittersweet, particularly as she's told us she's unhappy and doesn't like eating junk food all the time (she's pre-diabetic), so we're all worried anyway.

I'm trying to keep the gloominess off Tumblr, though it's probably pretty clear that I'm on edge. So I'm trying to cheer myself up with P&P—I posted some P&P fic at AO3 that I'd never got around to crossposting, including a WIP (shhhh), and I'll probably see if I can scramble the Fíriel scraps into something. It's probably the most happy lalalala of my genderswaps; the Lucy stuff is very linear, Philadelphia demands a certain ... rigour, but the Fíriel stuff is just a scrap with Éowyn here, a ramble there, an aesthetic fancast, occasional present, whatever (someone even asked for Fíriel/Arwen once and it's still rattling around my gdrive!). So that's sort of my happy place and I might do that. We'll see!


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