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 A Tumblr thing, but after a long, horrible weekend in which I accomplished nothing except cleaning the apartment, "Gondor picspam" is where my faculties were at:

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Yay, I can tag with impunity!

This is sort of a continuation of the Noatak-and-Tarrlok meta I wrote awhile back, though it’s not required reading or anything. To sum up, I argued that gentle, cowed young Tarrlok—>slippery Councilman Tarrlok and protective, power-hungry Noatak—>fearless zealot Amon make more interesting and more credible arcs than the fandom-preferred scenario of prodigy!Tarrlok and sweet!Noatak would have.

I haven’t changed my mind about that. I really do think Tarrlok’s backstory, as is, provides a more intuitive base for the adult Noatak and Tarrlok than we’d get with a reversal of their roles. I also think, though, that Tarrlok’s overall arc is … somewhat erratic. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say that Tarrlok’s backstory isn’t Tarrlok’s backstory at all. It’s Noatak’s backstory, as witnessed by Tarrlok.

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Jun. 29th, 2012 09:36 pm
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I've now been recc'd at crack_van three times, and I'm ridiculously gratified about it. And two for SW, even, which is particularly nice; people tend to like my Austen stories much more (even with one-shots and drabbles, Austen ones tend to get about five times as many hits - it's like ... fannish typecasting?). To be fair, it may be that I'm much more painstaking with Austen stuff, but still, it's always nice when the lazier SW stuff gets noticed!

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May. 3rd, 2012 09:31 pm
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I finally got my meta sticky-post updated, both on dw and lj; even filtering out the old short stuff, I'm kind of stunned at how much I've managed to write. I was also a bit surprised that, in the last two years I've written far more for SW than I did for Austen in the previous six. Then I remembered that that's because a good 90% of my Austen meta happened on forums, not blogs. And most of it is gone forever. :(

In other news, not much except boring uni stuff, but I did embark upon my first step of immersing myself in a genderswap: avatars! It's a sequel, so I already have a pile of paper dolls, and instead made gaming versions (in the interests of full disclosure, only some of these are brand new). Warning for a bunch of pictures beneath the cut, if less than my usual :)

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So I'm twenty-six today, and it feels rather odd, but I had an awesome birthday. My mother bought me a pot of daffodils, and I spent hours at Powell's Books (the local bookstore with over one million books at this location, hell yeah) and had ultra-bittersweet hot chocolate (yum!) and then went to the Mongolian grill. Also I don't have homework, for once!

As well as being the 2056th anniversary of Julius Caesar's death, March 15th is mentioned in Lord of the Rings as the day that Théoden died. Wow, thanks Tolkien - but hey, doesn't that mean it's also the day that Éowyn slew the Witch-King?

Why, yes. Yes, it does. So to finish off the fabulous day I've just had, I'm going to do a picspam of a fabulous character: Éowyn, and mostly Éowyn's shining moment on March 15th.

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So The Phantom Menace is out again, this time in 3-D, with a less bizarre-looking Yoda. I keep telling myself to go and see it, but haven't worked myself up to it. But after having just written nine posts about my multitude of issues with Padmé Amidala, and remembering that hey, I don't like TPM but I do like Padmé in it, it seemed a good time to picspam her.

I had a great time digging the pictures up, too, whether off of tumblr or deviantart or the depths of my hard drive. Padmé Amidala = most fabulously costumed character to exist. And not in Star Wars - in anything, ever.

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I recently discussed Luke and Leia in regard to the fangirlblog essay I had so very many feelings about, and used the video as an excuse to make a Luke-and-Leia slideshow, because I love them - so I stuffed all my pictures/groups of pictures focused on Luke and Leia into the video, whether appropriate or not. (In the event, they were often ludicrously inappropriate.) Anyway, I'm not sure how many are new, but I meant to post them in a proper picspam with proper attribution when I had some time - which I don't, but I'm posting anyway.

As in the original post, warning for the Skywalker twins' 30+ year old, retroactive, still infamous not-quite-incest. But hey, none of that is from fanart, just stuff that was actually filmed for the movies. (...I don't know if that makes it better or worse, honestly, but it is part of the whole Luke and Leia thing, so yes, there are pictures of their totally platonic kisses.)

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This, even more than the others, is a continuation of the previous section, but narrows the focus on Luke and Leia. Luke-Leia is up there with Anakin-Luke for my favourite relationship in Star Wars, so I took advantage of the opportunity for a quasi-picspam and just stuffed every Luke and Leia-focused picture/set of pictures I have into the video space. Which, looking over it, led to some rather odd juxtapositions. (I'll post them properly in a few days. Uh, warning for thirty-year-old quasi-twincest - twins kissing with varying levels of incestuousness, at varying levels of canon.)


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Jan. 13th, 2012 08:09 am
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I have, somehow, managed to acquire too many pictures for a normal picspam since my last picspam. So instead, here are just the gifs -- all Star Wars, as usual. A few are in sets, for which I sorta-kinda came up with titles.

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So apparently I will never run out of these (eta: holy crap there were a lot of them). And I'm gearing up for my essay on the eighteenth-century sublime as a tool of masculine domination (we were supposed to use Northanger Abbey but I got the okay to use Sanditon instead) and a final for my Bible-as-literature class and a revision/four-page-explanation of revision, so.

I wonder if anybody can guess my favourite character. *whistling*

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So, good Austen fanart is not quite so abundant as SW -- though this may be that I tend to dislike the adaptations, especially the 1995 one, so the various versions of Colin Firth or whomever don't generally make the cut. Anyway, here's some of the stuff I've found.

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I meant to do the Austen one, really, but most of those who'd be interested have seen most of them already anyway, and ... I'll try and do a double Austen-Tolkien one Friday or Saturday, maybe. In the meanwhile, I've been wandering around tumblr and found a bunch of awesome Star Wars things (too many for this post!), mostly from one shiny tumblr -- though, to be honest, I don't perfectly remember everything I've posted before. Here's to hoping for very little overlap!

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This year's presidential race was looking pretty boring. I mean, I do like the president and not only because I grew up under Bush OMG, but exciting he is not, and Mitt Romney? C'mon. And I don't need to hear any speeches to know who I'm voting for, because I'd sooner cut my wrists than vote for a modern-day Republican, so I was all "meh" about it. But Bachmann's awful goes so far that even when she says things that are personally offensive to me, I can't bring myself to be offended because it's so ludicrous and I just laugh instead. It's like So Bad It's Good for politics.

Besides, I very much doubt that she can beat Obama, while Romney might have a fighting chance. So I hope she wins it on those grounds, too.

My stepfather considered registering as a Republican just to nominate her. I'll admit, I laughed, though I'm such a staunch Democrat that I suspect my brain would spontaneously explode if I tried.

Also, a(nother!) SW picspam while I'm here - I'll do the meme later this afternoon. Mostly art, this time.
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I'm not celebrating, as such. Though I have made progress on the Lucyfic! And figured a way to get around the last obstacle. But no. I always meant to do the two picspams together, since I had piles of pictures for them both, Luke and Leia are two of my three favourite characters (along with their father, of course), and ... why not? So here is my very most favourite character in the series, played by my favourite actor in the series. I know, shocking.

Also, I have even more pictures for this, so ... um, lots of pictures. But not of the Holiday Special, for the sake of everyone's health.
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Because I finished my Revenge chapter (on an appropriately ominous note) and I want to celebrate.  Also, I've just realised that Leia doesn't show up for another third of the story.  So!

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I found a super-princessy paper doll maker (here), which finally allowed me to procrastinate to a truly ridiculous extent create Lucy's lulzy wardrobe. Well, it didn't do the uniforms so well, but the flamboyant parts.  And it had enough customization to make a face that halfway suits her, in a Disney Princess kind of way.

So, what passes for an outline with me:  paperdoll picspam! (Warning:  minor spoilers.)

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May. 22nd, 2011 09:06 pm
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As of today, my asexuality blog has received 200 views.  163 of them were today, and 129 of those were on the intersectionality post.  So far, so good.  I discovered that it'd been linked on tumblr.  Awesome!  I got a few really nice comments.  Hurrah!  Somebody else linked it some comments at tumblr.  Wow, I wonder when the other shoe's--
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Between family tragedy, a shoddy English essay that cited many sources but never got around to what I actually meant to say, no progress on uploading my bookmarks to delicious, and a Spanish final consisting almost entirely of the subjunctive, today has not been a good day.  So, here are things I've found, which are cool. 

Warning: no TV Tropes (well, links at any rate), maybe a teensy bit picspammy, religion (mine, and complaining about it), lots of CAPSLOCKS and italics
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